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Top Reasons Why Hiring a Private Aircraft Charter Is a Good Idea

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports that last year only 81.63 percent of flights departed and arrived on time. That means that 18.37% of flights were rescheduled or cancelled, causing passengers to scramble to reach their destinations on time.

If you need to take to the sky, you can rely on something other than commercial airlines. Despite common belief, the advantages of chartering a private plane far exceed the additional expense.

Here are certain scenarios where hiring a private aircraft is preferable to taking a commercial flight.

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You Get to Pick the Destination!

Customising your itinerary to your liking is a major perk of taking a private plane. There will be guidelines to follow, but overall, you’ll be able to collaborate with the charter operator to create the ideal trip.

The range of commercial aircraft is constrained by factors such as the size of the aircraft and the demand for flights to specific locations. In contrast to commercial airlines’ larger planes, private jets can land at smaller airports. You can go to more places than you can with a regular airline flight.

When taking a private jet, you can go wherever you like, subject only to the proximity of airports.

Your Own Schedule

If you book a private plane, you will only have to worry about getting to the airport two hours before takeoff. When you charter a plane, you get to choose the departure time that works best for you and your group.

If you’re taking young kids along for the ride, having some leeway in when you set out might make a huge difference. Avoid tantrums and difficult travel circumstances by accommodating your kids’ nap and bedtime routines.

Safety Efforts Strengthened

While both commercial and private aviation is extremely secure modes of transportation, the latter offer certain additional safeguards.

Even though private jets are smaller and may seem more vulnerable to poor weather, they fly thousands of feet higher than commercial planes daily. This allows the smaller aircraft to rise above the storm clouds, ensuring a smooth flight.

When it comes to safety inspections, many chartered jets go above and above. When booking a flight with Charter Flight Group, you can be assured that your safety and comfort will exceed even the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) strict requirements for chartered flights outside the United States.

Pick Your Best Travel Companions

There are many reasons why people must travel, but no matter what brings you to the airport, sitting next to a stranger for an extended period is never a good time. Hiring a private plane charter is one way to avoid this.

Your flight can double as a meeting if you’re flying for business and want to bring along your coworkers. The majority of private aircraft also provide Wi-Fi, so you may keep working even while in the air. Tables are standard aboard private jets, allowing you to hold a meeting in midair.

Have you planned any leisurely excursions? Bring the whole gang and kick off the holiday a little early! Relax with a glass of champagne as you make your way to your vacation destination in luxury.

Enjoy a Relaxing Trip

A rented plane offers unrivalled luxury for passengers. Your needs will be attended to from the moment you arrive, ensuring a smooth boarding process and departure.

When taking a chartered flight, you can often use a private terminal or lounge before taking off. In these VIP rooms, you can relax and get ready for your trip in peace and comfort. When your private airline flight is about to take off, you may be chauffeured to the tarmac in a luxury vehicle.

If you’ve never flown with a charter airline before, you might be surprised at how easy it is to book a flight.

Private jet charter is not just for A-listers, despite popular belief. However, the advantages of charter flights more than makeup for the higher price tag compared to flying first class.

Charter Flight Group is here to ensure a smooth flight wherever you may be in the United States. After travelling with us once and experiencing our impeccable service first-hand, you will never want to take another commercial flight again.