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Top Tips for Backpacking Across Europe

Despite the emergence of scenic destinations like South East Asia, South America, and Australia, Europe is still a favourite place to go among the global backpacking community. It is particularly popular among native Europeans who want to experience a backpacking trip closer to home. These often turn out to be tester holidays; who wants to go backpacking around the other side of the world if you’re not sure you’re actually going to enjoy it?

That said, there is far much more to Europe than it merely being a testing ground. People from across the world travel to the continent to experience what is on offer. Here are some tips for backpacking around Europe.

Decide the Type of Trip You Want

Europe’s area means that it is an extremely diverse place to travel. From the balmy Mediterranean to the cold climes of Scandinavia, Europe really does represent two extremes, not to mention everything in between. Obviously, it is impractical to pack for everything, so you need to decide what you want to see in Europe. You might decide to backpack around the Greek Islands, for example, or stick to the mainland and head to the most beautiful cities in the Low Countries.

Unless you’re able to swap the contents of your backpack mid-trip, it’s best to take one approach, and stick to it.

Plan Where to Stay

Part of the fun of backpacking is the unpredictable and spur of the moment nature of finding somewhere to stay. However, you really need to have a plan. We understand you might not want to be fixed into an itinerary; after all, who’s to say you don’t stumble across something you’d love to explore on a given day? Instead, know where you’re going, and ensure you know of at least two or three hostels or alternative cheap accommodation options.

Think Money

There are a few strands to this point. The first is that you need to work out how you’re going to keep money secure on your person while travelling. Yes, most modern bank accounts will allow you to make cash withdrawals and use your plastic abroad, but you need to think about any additional fees this might incur, as well as the lack of competitive exchange rates that you might have access to.


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Packing Up

We’ve left the most important aspect of any backpacking trip to the end, so that the information is fresh in your mind. How you pack will have a bearing on your enjoyment of your trip, so it is crucial to get this right.

The biggest piece of advice we can give you is to avoid cotton. Go for cycle jerseys or similar clothing so they carry sweat away from your body but don’t leave you still dripping. Linen is another great choice, but it can be difficult to keep it looking good. While you can use vacuum bags for saving space, it might be a better idea to simply take a ‘less is more’ approach and come up with a strategy for washing and drying your clothes at hostels as you travel. A good pair of shoes, comfortable and functional above all else, is a must, too.

Author Bio: Kevin is a passionate traveller who often treks across Europe seeking out fireworks displays and celebratory occasions. Upon returning home, Kevin enjoys meeting up with friends and buys fireworks from Fireworks Crazy to use during parties at his home.

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