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4 Top Tips for Visiting Sardinia and Costa Smeralda

Sardinia is a sought-after destination for summer holidays in Italy, due to the cleanliness of its beaches, its wild and striking natural landscapes, its old traditions and tasty food specialities.

Following this 4 tips about Gallura, the north-east region of Sardinia worldwide renowned for Costa Smeralda beaches, you can discover the best way to enjoy this island, made of uncommon ingredients such as relax, exclusiveness and authenticity.

The most captivating beaches in Gallura

There are plenty of crowded beaches in Gallura, but the most beautiful ones are just outside this coastal area.

Spiaggia li Feruli

Spiaggia li Feruli

Li Feruli – Isola Rossa is known among windsurfers and its amber sand and emerald waters attract the ones who enjoy the windy beach and the natural environment. Another astonishing beach is Li Cossi, enchanting paradise near the Costa Paradiso holiday resort.

It is surrounded by pink granite rocks covered in Mediterranean scrub. Its golden sands can be reached by sea, or by feet from the resort, following a panoramic path. Porto Cuncato’s beaches, Le Piscine and Talmone, are tiny beaches in small half-moon coves. Le Piscine, in particular, is famous for its luxuriant scenery, enhanced by incredibly see-through waters and calcium rocks all around.

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Arzachena is one of Gallura’s most famous towns, popular not only for its archeological sites like Li Muri necropolis and the Giant’s Tomb, but also for its hidden beaches.

Spiaggia del Principe

Spiaggia del Principe

Spiaggia del Principe reveals its outstanding sandy shore just to those who walk past the small bushes.

La Maddalena

Punta Tegge

Punta Tegge

The island of La Maddalena is characterized by a rocky granitic surface and it’s mostly famous for its amazing beaches. It is connected by a paved road with the island of Caprera, where the Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi retired and died in 1882.

The sandy beach of Bassa Trinita is cherished for its turquoise waters and can be reached by bus, just like another wonderful beach called Punta Tegge. This one is a rocky beach of white granite, surrounded by little sandy coves, and it’s considered the most astonishing of the whole island.

Discover Sardinian traditional culture at Aggius Museum and Nuraghi

However, what many people don’t know is that Gallura has much more than pristine waters to offer to tourists. Aggius is an ancient town nestled amid granite rocks, old cork oaks and vineyards.

Once known as the village of counterfeiters, it is now popular as one of the quaintest destinations in Italy, characterized by its old granite stone houses.

The Museum of Banditry is one of the key highlights in Aggius. A tour of Gallura wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Nuraghe Majori. This type of ancient megalithic edifice is one of the symbols of Sardinia and it has the shape of a truncated conical tower.

The Nuraghe Majori is made entirely of granite rocks, it dates back to 1900 BC and it lies not far from the small town called Tempio Pausania.

From the top of the Nuraghe you can enjoy an amazing view of Aggius and the cork oaks, the ideal beginning of a relaxing walk into the nature, breathing the perfume of the local curry plant. What is surprising of this place is that a bat colony lives inside of it from April to October, enjoying the quietness of this prehistoric monument.

Taste the typical food and wine of Sardinia

Vermentino Sardinia

Vermentino Sardinia

Aggius belongs to the region where Vermentino di Gallura DOCG wine is produced. The grape of this white wine is said to have been cultivated here since the XIV century. Other typical product of the region is the tasty guttiau flatbread, thin and crisp, covered in salt, oil and rosemary.

The typical Sardinian flavours can be tasted at the traditional restaurant S’Andira, in Santa Teresa di Gallura; book a dinner here and watch the sun sets from the romantic terrace of the restaurant, it will be an unforgettable experience!

Restaurant S'Andira

Restaurant S’Andira

Stay in a top resort facing the sea

The 5-star Resort Valle dell’Erica is a luxuryhotel on the top end of Sardinia, overlooking the Strait of Bonifacio: a true oasis of relaxation to come back to after a full day enjoying the uniqueness of Gallura. Valle dell’Erica was the first tourist village born in Sardinia and is a part of the hotel chain Delphina Hotels.

This resort now offers a wide range of accommodations, a Spa centre located in the heart of nature, guided excursions by boat.

Treat yourself to a fulfilling holiday; Sardinia is different from any other place in Italy. If you are a travel enthusiast or someone who is interested in reading about new travel trends, don’t forget to visit The blog has plenty of good reads on different travel destinations that you might want to put on your bucket list.

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