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Travel Hacks: 5 Smooth Tips to Save Money When Going On a Cruise Vacation

Another time for vacation is about to come. If you’re looking for something exceptional, consider taking a cruise vacation. A cruise will surely give you an astounding value of your holiday. For some, cruising is a comprehensive way of spending holidays.

Where your ticket may include live entertainment, sporting activities, meals, events for kids, and lots of other things to enjoy during the cruise. So now the question is, how are you going to save when you choose to go cruising?

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Plan, Plan, and Plan

Booking your cruise vacation well earlier doesn’t only save time, but it’s also essential for you to buy some extras from sites like Deal Wiki and other stores ahead of time. Most cruise lines may include drink packages, meal plans, and spa treatments. But, think carefully before purchasing drink packages.

Most of the cruises provide wine free of charge during dinner, and then you can simply drink water throughout the day. Plus, you can take a short cruise, and that’s another tip. Several weeks on a ship will charge you a lot, but a couple of days can be more flexible and budget-friendly.

Manage Plans with an Agent

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After planning and setting the expectations, now is the time to look for travel agents that can help you with your future goals. Travel agents offer special promotions, travel incentives, cruise discounts, and other onboard credits.

When you’re working with a travel agent, then you can obtain a wealth of cruise information that you can’t find on your own. Besides, our travel agent can help you if something goes wrong while on the cruise.

Consider Third-party Excursions

Some cruiser spends much time in deciding whether to book or not a shore excursion. But, it honestly depends on what port your ship will take a stop. Some may stop right near the attractions and beaches that you can easily access, while others aren’t near and will require you to book an excursion.

Though cruise usually offers excursion packages, know that there are some reliable and even more affordable establishments outside that can provide you excursion services as much as your cruise line can.

However, read reviews first, ask questions, and ensure that the company you choose to go with will bring you back to the ship before it sails. Or otherwise, your cruise ship may leave you behind.

Let’s Talk About Laundry

Most cruise companies will happily do all your laundry for $2.50 per item. Yes, it’s that expensive. So, instead of letting them wash your clothes, you can use the self-service laundromat or consider bringing a bottle of detergent and enough clothing you can use throughout the trip.

Further, you can hand-wash your items in the bathroom sink, then hang them and wait until dry. For the rest of your laundry, you can do them when you get home.

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