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Travel insurance, is it worth it?

In what situations would you need travel insurance? Here are some tips and advice for getting the best travel insurance for you.

Everyone has thought about it, even me. Should I just risk it and save myself a bit of money on travel insurance and not bother getting it? But I now know from first-hand experience what it covers and why it is so important to you when you are travelling – even if you are just going for a break in England.

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The amount of things that can go wrong before you even go on holiday, sometimes it’s not even worth thinking about. Travel insurance will ensure that you don’t have to worry about every possible thing that may not go your way. You may be the most organised traveller but some things are just out of your control, flights are delayed and cancelled every day and if you don’t have the correct insurance – being stuck in a foreign country can be very expensive. Or if you or a family member falls ill before a trip – you don’t want to lose out on money and your travel insurance can cover this.

Having covered the things that can go wrong before your trip, while on holiday in a strange place – it is very easy for things to go wrong. Slipping, falling, tripping are all things that are easily done, alongside falling ill after eating a strange foreign food. Without the NHS to rely on, you can get slapped with a huge bill just for something you consider a small issue. But even the most basic travel insurance packages cover you for medical treatment, so it is not worth risking it. Having peace of mind that you are medically covered all your holiday, will make it a much more relaxing and soothing experience.

Now this may sound like a whole lot of worry over nothing, but you would be surprised how much It has happened over the past few years. Imagine you have booked a 2-week cruise to around the Mediterranean – but a week or two before the trip you notice that your trip has been cancelled due to the travel company becoming bankrupt. The relevant travel insurance will ensure that you can get back your expenses and make sure you can rearrange your cruise with another company.

The best way to save money but get all the relevant cover with travel insurance would be to make a small investment to get a family package and get a yearly insurance cover. This way it will cover any member of your family when they go on holiday over a year. This means that you will save money overall because you will not have to buy separate ones. These types of packages are perfect for families who travel a few times over the course of the year.

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