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Why Charter A Private Jet?

In these unprecedented times, more and more of us who need or desire to travel are choosing private jets as a safer option, to then find out that they offer added benefits. This article will explore how much safer private jets are, along with the add-ons private jet travel provides. We welcome companies such as Jettly, who are providing the service. They are online providers who charter private jets for all kinds of necessities, such as attending important business meetings, a scientific conference, or a much-needed holiday where restrictions allow. Psychologically, there is only so long that we as humans can manage without a holiday, where warm and relaxing surroundings allow us to re-energize.

So, let us consider some of the reasons for these trends towards private flying.

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Photo by Chris Leipelt on Unsplash


The pandemic has meant that private jet companies are seeing more first-time flyers board their planes. People are discovering that private jets are not as unaffordable as they first thought when exploring the alternative options that make flying safer. In terms of hygiene, on a private jet you are only surrounded by those you booked the plane with. Moreover, you are not mixing in large groups of potentially infected fellow passengers at the airport, because private jets are boarded via private terminals. Face masks are being worn by flight crew and other staff members at terminals to protect passengers from this potentially life threatening and highly transmissible virus. Flight crews are having multiple daily checks in relation to their temperatures to ensure continued passenger safety. Special anti-bacterial solutions are being applied to aircraft interiors. There is less interior to have to apply that solution to when ensuring safety within a small private jet. A study run by one operator has suggested that the risk potential of being exposed to Covid-19 is 30 times lower when a passenger is flying privately.


Everyone is valuing their privacy more. It is not just celebrities who do not want to be bothered with crowds 24/7, we all as individuals desire it. Particularly when tyring to relax on our holidays or when trying to think so that we can prepare sufficiently for a business meeting. Private jets offer the privacy both at their private terminals and on their aircraft. It is you, as the one who books the private jet, who controls just who is on your plane.

Ease and Luxury

So, it is no wonder that more and more people are using private jets. They are healthier in a pandemic, offer greater privacy, are easy to book, and provide the kind of luxury it would be nice to become accustomed to on a regular basis. In addition to the extra safety provided due to Covid-19, there is also extra safety in that private jets will fly high above the clouds on more flexible flight paths than commercial airliners, avoiding bad weather and commercial traffic that also occupies the sky. Private jets certainly sound like a sensible option to me

Booking a private jet is as easy as following the link above. Online companies can give you cost estimates off their websites from asking a few basic details in relation to destinations, timings, and numbers of passengers. After finding the initial quotation favourable, the only decision that you will then need to make is what type, or how large a private jet you would like, if this has not already been guided by your number of passengers. All sizes of groups are catered for. Then, whether it is a small jet or a larger one, there is enhanced relaxation room to spread out. The seats will be more comfortable than you might be used to, and in many cases, easily turned into convenient sleeping arrangements.

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