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Travel to Singapore for Singapore pools 4d Toto betting

If you love betting and you have never bought a single Toto ticket in your life, you are missing out. Travel to Singapore or log into and enjoy 4D Toto betting today! In this game, six numbers plus one “additional” number are drawn randomly from numbers 1 to 49. In an ordinary game, you will spend $1 and choose six numbers. A prize pool is established at 54% of sales for a draw. Here is everything you need to know about Singapore pools 4D Toto betting.

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  1. Placing Bets. Toto’s primary idea is to correctly guess the six winning numbers that will appear in the draw. Before you place your bet, you should understand some different terms, such as:

Group TOTO; involves splitting the bet with several people.

Quick Pick (QP); involves randomly-generated numbers.

Void; involve canceling your submission.

Toto provides different types of ways to place your bet, including:

  1. ·     Ordinary Entry. This Toto’s basic setting, which is ideal for beginners. The ordinary entry does not have extra features that can help you increase your winning chances. Each bet costs $1. The first step in placing an ordinary entry bet involves shading the six numbers you think will win (Leave the Sys 7 roll option blank). Since Toto draws take place twice per week, shade draw 2 to play for the upcoming draw and the following one. Get your ticket and wait for the draw. If you want a quicker way to place your bet, go for the QP option and get a set of computer-generated numbers.
  2. ·         System Entry. This is an advanced game setting that will cost you from $7 all the way to $924. However, system entry increases your chances of winning by giving extra “power-ups.” System entry allows you to pick additional numbers to increase your chances of winning.
  3. ·         System Roll. Here, you will pick five numbers out of the 6. System roll includes an extra feature called a Rolling Number (R). This number represents any of the remaining 44 numbers. The price of placing this bet starts at $44 since you will essentially be placing different 44 bets.
  1. Where to Bet. You can place your bets at any of the Singapore Pools outlets or retailers. You can also go online or call the hotline number on the Singapore Pools website to place your bet.
  1. How the Draw Works. The draw contains several categories of prizes ranging from groups 1 to 7. Group 1 includes the ultimate jackpot prize of $1 million or more depending on the prize pool’s amount of money. If there are several winners, the prize money is split equally within the group. Toto also provides a bonus 7th number that is drawn. Getting this additional number right unlocks extra prize money as long as you get at least 3 out of the six numbers correct.

Now that you know how Toto betting works, you can travel to Singapore to enjoy the 4D Toto betting.