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Traveling with Dogs: 5 Things you Should Know

There are people that can’t do without with their dogs, even when it comes to traveling around the globe. If you have a pooch at home that you want to bring on your next vacation, let’s take a look at some tips you should keep in mind before you grab the leash and head for the door.

Go to the vet

Just like any process, there is a need to have your beloved dog to be subjected to quarantine. Even during domestic trips, quarantine certificates from a vet may be required by airline officials before they would allow your dog to join the flight. Make sure you check with the airline what necessary documentations you need to provide are. From there, a visit to the veterinarian may be necessary. A vet checkup may be one of the things that may be performed. The dog may be checked for fleas and heartworm which can be disastrous to the dog. Fleas can also have a negative impact on us as owners, as they are ultimately a pest. If you believe your pet has a flea issue, it might be wise to look into companies that offer pest control flagstaff arizona way, or pest control near you, to deal with the issue.

Cargo bay is not good

Although flying is the fastest way to travel putting the dog inside the cargo bay may cause stress and anxiety. Dogs also feel stress and anxiety like any other animal. The cargo bay is not the best place to place your pet unless there is no other choice. Check with the airlines if they have accommodations where the dog will be placed in the cabin. The cabin is better since it can provide better and less stressful environment for the animal.

Consider tranquilizers

Dogs may become anxious during travel. That is why it is best to consider using tranquilizers when flying. Traveling can be rough to the animal because they are not simply meant to fly or travel the way we humans do. To make the ride a bit easier and smoother to the animal getting tranquilizers may be better. It is best to check with the veterinarian if this option is possible without injuring the health of your dog.

Prepare well

It is best to check if the travel destination has facilities to accommodate your pet dog. You can check online about information on how pet friendly the destination is. Most hotels post on their websites if they are allowing pets inside the room or if they have special sections to accommodate the pets. If you are going to fly abroad it is best to check with the website if there are certain medical conditions and other documentation that you need to provide.

Feed the pet

It is not unusual for long waits in the airport before the flight. That is why it is a good idea to have your dog well fed and to get them some water before flying. The U.S. Department of Agriculture mandates that pets should be fed and watered hours before the flight.

Most airlines have considered having pets kept in the plane’s cabin and in its cargo bay. There are accompanying costs but it will make sure that you will have a great time with your precious dog in this once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

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  1. Some helpful tips for traveling with your pets Dan. We are crossing the border this winter into Mexico in our RV. As with flying, all the necessary shots and certificates must be up to date. Thanks for sharing!

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