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Traveling With Kids: 7 Ways to Keep Them Entertained

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We all look forward to planning a vacation with our kids. It brings a big smile to their faces. Parents love it and there’s nothing more they can ask for. However, a trip can easily devolve into a nightmare with constant whining and crying. 

Unlike adults, who prefer to relax during a vacation, kids are balls of energy who want to play and run all day long. They won’t care if it’s raining or blazing hot outside; they just want a constant supply of entertainment. And when they don’t get it, parents bear the consequences.

However, entertaining children can be challenging at times, especially in a small space, like cars or airplanes. So to help you have a great vacation with your kids, we’ve listed some ideas below that can be useful on the road, plane journey, or in a cabin. Let’s check these out:

  1. Outdoor Fun Games

If you’re camping with your family, that doesn’t mean you only get to have fun hiking or shopping. A bonfire is a great way to gather around, make s’mores, tell scary stories, and spend some quality time with family. Unfortunately, this option may not be available in every hiking spot. 

To have a perfect vacation, call the place you’re visiting to find out if they allow bonfires at midnight. Additionally, you can choose a location where there are more fun activities than just bonfires.

Pigeon Forge is getting fairly popular among tourists because of its neat accommodations. You can find many other entertainment options, such as game rooms and a Jacuzzi, in these Pigeon Forge Cabins as well.

  1. Don’t Forget To Pack Their Comics, Sticker Books, And Coloring Books

Young children can become quite agitated when stuck in confined spaces or at a gathering. Packing some colors, crayons, sticker books, and comics can keep your child entertained while you are chatting with friends or driving in peace.

Comics and magazines are great for older kids who love to read Marvel stories. A neat trick is to take them to the bookstore nearby and let them choose their favorite books. It will also provide you with an opportunity to establish some ground rules. You can, for example, tell them to choose a book each for an hour of quiet time. Even if they choose five books, you get five hours to yourself. 

  1. Lego Box Or Card Games

If you’re looking for fun, nothing beats a tub of Legos or a deck of ONO cards. Let your children choose their favorite indoor games. Allow them to choose from a variety of brain-teasing games like chess boards, puzzles, Rubik cubes, Ludo, Sudoku, Monopoly, or whatever they like.

Pro tip: Let them choose a few things to keep their excitement high. Traveling with just one game can put them off, and they will get bored very quickly. If they have a few games in store, they can let you travel in peace.

  1. Electronic Devices

It is true that many parents won’t be happy about handing their children electronic devices, but they can actually be used for positive purposes. For instance, you can now download educational apps and videos to your phone. The app lets you download educational stories, games, poems, and fun facts – basically anything your kid would enjoy, and keep it with you in case of an emergency. In addition to being a great source of entertainment for your kids, these stories can also help your child learn.

When waiting for food at a restaurant or in a car, you can give them the device with a child lock. They will stay busy, and you will have a little peace and quiet while traveling; otherwise, it can be rather stressful.

  1. Music Or Instruments

If you have a child who loves music, don’t hesitate to bring their favorite instrument along with you. For example, if they are a piano lover, you can buy them a portable piano as a present. This way, they are able to take the instrument on the road or play it at a gathering. Getting a chance to play in front of an audience will also boost their confidence in themselves, and who knows, when they grow up, maybe what is now a hobby will turn into a passion.

If your child doesn’t play an instrument, don’t worry about it. Everyone loves music and dancing to the beat of their favorite song. Bring along as many CDs as possible from their favorite artists and have them played at maximum volume. Put on your headphones or turn the volume up in your car; either way, it really doesn’t matter as long as you’ll both enjoy listening to it. When you all get tired of listening to songs, you can have a karaoke competition among yourselves. 

  1. Let Them Bring Their Toys

While packing a box of toys may not be so ideal when you have limited luggage, it is still possible to take toys. Even if it means you have to pack one of the hand carriers with toys. The efforts will be worth the effort when your children will be able to sit and play with their toys while you have some time to yourself. Bringing toys along is a great idea for beach trips. 

The fact that you will be allowing them to bring their toys will also help them to get excited about packing their suitcases just so they are able to pack as many toys as they can. You should nevertheless be aware of what they are packing. When you take your children on holiday, they often pack silly things that they would never play with at home!

  1. Listen To An Audiobook Or Read A Book

It may be appropriate for you to use this option if your child is young and you are not driving. Reading a book can be quite entertaining for children for quite a while. If your kid is not yet old enough to sit and read on their own, or they get travel sick, you can safely rely on audiobooks. Audiobooks are great for children of all ages.


If you’re going on a family vacation this year, there are lots of ways to keep the kids occupied. Choosing the right travel activities for children is always important. Hopefully, with the help of this article, you will have enough ideas to keep your kids entertained on road trips and long-haul flights; otherwise, your kids might get cranky, which is not ideal when traveling.