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Why Visit Zurich, Switzerland?: A 2 Day Guide

After the American recession, the USA has slowly recovered from the crisis. Then the financial crisis hit Europe and many travel destinations was affected by this. Either people did not have the money to travel, or the destinations have become too expensive to visit. Some countries were fortunate enough to have been affected and stayed constant when it came to tourist expenses. If you are in the fortunate position to travel the world comfortably, consider a vacation in Zurich, Switzerland.

Zurich is the European playground for the rich and the famous. During the summer season the weather is warm and days are filled with sunshine, laughter and fun. The lakes in Zurich provide sandy beaches and mild water and tourists can enjoy the rays of the sun with an array of water activities. During the months of summer, the Alpes mountain range has lush green fields and valleys and animals graze the fields at leisure. Resorts in the Alpes offer superb accommodation in rooms overlooking these fields of joy. Resorts offer activities for the entire family, ranging from swimming, tennis and casinos, to shopping, health spas and exquisite dinning.

Winter brings its own charm, transforming Zurich into a wonderland on ice and snow. Lake Zurich attracts visitors for hours of fun with ice skating, ice sport events and many more. Resorts dust off the skis and snowboards and prepare for snow activities in the Alpes. Ski resorts burst at the seams providing the outdoor snow fun and indoor sports such as squash and bowling. Indoor swimming makes it possible for visitors to enjoy summer activities surrounded by snow.

Despite the snow or the sun, Zurich has so much more to offer tourists. Switzerland is known for clean air, fresh water and good health. This country is one of the top countries in the world and has earned a reputation to be proud of. Within this modern city of Zurich, lies the older town of Altstadt. This historic part of the city still features medieval splendour and charisma with streets lined with cobblestones and interesting shops in the town. The Roman Castle in Lindenhof Hill dates from the 13th century and the St Peter’s Church was the parish church of the medieval city. Many religious structures are well preserved in the Old Town. Grossmunster, or Great Church and Church of Our Lady (Fraumunster) are just two of the religious sites. The guild houses, street markets and historical structures brings reminisce of a bygone era still intact and preserved with dignity.

Zurich is a shopper’s paradise with places such as Bahnhofstrasse, Im Viadukt and Bellevue Square, you will be sure to find value for your tourist money and dine at delicatessen restaurants. The platz, or squares, offers variety in the form of markets, festivals and views overlooking the beautiful parks. Nature lovers will enjoy the beauty of the parks and gardens, or visit the zoological gardens and the zoo for a display of fauna and flora typical to the region.

Whatever you do, savour the culinary feast of Swiss cheese and chocolates. Tour the Lindt chocolate factory for an experience no chocolate lover will ever forget. Zurich, overall, will convince the tourist as to why it is one of the top destinations to visit. All year round it provides attractions and scenery to tourists, creating memories to last a lifetime. The divine mixture of old and new, combined with the safety and health that Switzerland offer; it is an exclusive destination that is sure to take your breath away.

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