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Fun Things To Do On A Christmas Holiday In Lapland

It’s easy to get stressed with so many things to pack into a holiday in Lapland. We’ve compiled our favourite experiences.

Each and every year, it would seem that we all hit a bit of a brick wall when it comes to knowing what to buy for our kids at Christmas time. There is always the latest game playing technology at your disposal – but then, what thought really goes into that? Does that seem like the kind of Christmas where your child looks back and remembers for the rest of their life? – No!

Something to Remember

snowing Lapland

snowing Lapland (Photo credit:

If you are desperately trying to think of a way in which to make the next Christmas truly unforgettable, how does Christmas holidays in Lapland sound to you? There are a broad range of Lapland holidays to choose between, with varying numbers of nights and times to travel; however, the absolute ultimate time to go would of course have to be to include Christmas Day itself.

Whatever time you decide to venture to the magical Arctic Circle, you can look forward to the ultimate in luxury at whichever hotel you choose to reside in. Finland is a very civilised country and you can expect the same warm welcome and high level of opulence even this far north. The Finns are totally used to the cold and snowy weather you will experience on your Lapland holidays – meaning that you and your loved ones will always be in the safest of hands.

Once snugly ensconced in this Winter Wonderland there are many fantastic activities for you to look forward to. From husky- and reindeer-pulled sleigh rides, to more adrenaline-pumping snowmobile safaris: you name it, there is always something exciting and rewarding to get involved in during your time in Lapland.

Of course, the kids will be pulling at the apron strings to visit the world-famous Santa Claus, and if you are being completely honest with yourself, you’ll be intrigued to take part in a Lapland Santa trip, too. After all, it isn’t every day you travel to the beautiful Arctic Circle, so it would only be polite to say “hello” while you’re here – afterall, you deserve a wonderful Lapland christmas too don’t you?

The Northern Lights

Northern lights in Finnish Lapland

Northern lights in Finnish Lapland (Photo credit: Visit Finland)

If you’re really looking to etch some memories on the minds’ of your children, try your very best to catch sight of the Northern Lights at some point during your holidays in Lapland. As these mystical, colour-changing light displays dance across the night sky, you will soon agree that nothing else in nature could ever compare with such a breathtaking spectacular. Whilst its not 100% garunteed that you will see the lights, Lapland is considered one of the best spots to see them and the chances are you’ll have a truly spectacular lightshow that will inspire you and your children in years to come. Viewing the Northern Lights is truly a once in a lifetime experience – even those who see it on a regular basis are haunted by its magnificent and astounding beauty.

Forget all about the latest game machines or mobile phones, to create memories for your children that are bound to last a lifetime, consider a special trip to Lapland this coming Christmas season.

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