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Using Social Networking Sites Like Twitter to Improve Your Holiday Experience

There can be no greater occasion to use social networking and content sharing sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube other than a holiday.

Whether it is an anniversary, a date, a wedding, a birthday party, a vacation, or a family reunion, these websites can come in handy at any time. Clearly, the Internet has made special occasions more special in many different ways.

First, what can Twitter do?

With mobile Internet nowadays, you can easily tweet from any location. You can use Twitter to remind others when you are going to arrive to a certain place. You can also use Twitter to give significant others updates for an upcoming occasion. You can even use Twitter to give train schedules, plane schedules, and the like. Hashtags ensure that all of your tweets are accessible to your intended readers. Finally, after the holiday, you can use Twitter so share your thoughts and to retweet others’ thoughts too. We should also note that for maximum exposure you can now set about buying followers too!

Second, what can Facebook do?

With Facebook, you can create a group with significant other people regarding an upcoming holiday. You can share your plans and your views on that group. Moreover, you can discuss matters through the private messaging function of Facebook. After the holiday, you can post lots and lots of pictures on Facebook – as nearly everyone does. You can even make Facebook statuses as fast as you can make Twitter posts, thanks to mobile internet.

Finally, what can YouTube do?

You can share videos of the holiday. You can also create a trailer concerning the upcoming holiday you want to conduct with significant other people. You can upload videos on YouTube immediately after recording them – thanks to both the video and online capabilities of your recording device (which can be a tablet or even a mobile phone). You can relive great holiday moments by watching the videos over and over again. You can even make other people feel as if they are part of the holiday experience if you let them watch.

You can use the the three websites mentioned above in concert. For example, you can post Facebook statuses on Twitter. You can spread Youtube videos through Twitter and Facebook. You can post Facebook and Twitter links as YouTube comments. There are lots of things that can make a holiday special if you know how to use those three websites properly.

A holiday is an extra special day, and thanks to the Internet, you can boost the “extra” in extra special.

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