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Vacation on New Year`s for self-guided tour


What is the best way to spend the New Year holidays? Of course, traveling! Travel always brings us a lot of pleasure. Not knowing how to organize the upcoming trip can spoil the enjoyment. If you decide not to go to travel agencies and make a travel plan on your own, you will need recommendations to make everything as comfortable as possible during your journey. We offer practical advice and tell you about useful websites and applications, thanks to which you will know how not to overpay for flights, accommodation, and excursions, how to make the most convenient route and where to get discounts. Make your trip as comfortable as possible.

  • When booking a flight or hotel online, use the “incognito” mode: booking sites can track your visits and increase the price simply because you have already visited them.
  • Do not drink coffee before and during the flight. It will only increase panic and heartbeat.
  • The GateGuru application will tell you everything about all the airports in the world: where are the ATMs, which stores are in Duty-free, where you can eat or relax.
  • Drinks onboard the aircraft, if it is not low-cost, are not limited. In low-cost airlines, you can get free plain water.
  • To save on accommodation, buy tickets for night flights.
  • Free guides and maps of the city are in many hotels at the reception. Even if you do not stop at them, you can take a booklet one hundred percent free.
  • Information about the entire metro of the world is available on the Metro app.
  • The Rome2Rio app will help you plan your route and tell you how to get to your destination as convenient as possible, how long it will take and how much it will cost.
  • Google Maps application will inform you about the bus schedule in any city in the world.
  • Save on baggage winding service – use food wrap.
  • Apply annual insurance, which includes all countries of the world for a period of stay abroad 90 days. Whatever and wherever happens to you-you will always be protected.
  • Take a few bankcards with you, keep them in different places. If you lose the main card – block it and transfer money to another.
  • If you want street vendors in all countries of the world to fall behind you, learn the phrase “I’m here for work” in local language: they will quickly lose interest in you.
  • Do not forget to purchase an external battery for your gadgets. Therefore, you will always be in touch, even if you do not have access to electricity.
  • Almost all museums of the world have free visits days. Specify the dates of such days and save on the ticket.
  • If you have transited through Singapore or Istanbul, remember that you can attend free sightseeing tours. Sign up for them should be in advance.
  • Food spotting is a mobile application that will provide information about how the dish looks and portion sizes before placing an order.
  • The Triposo app is considered the best online guide.
  • If you want to see local sights without vast crowds of tourists, get up early in the morning – at this time tourists usually sleep off, and on excursions are recorded after lunch.
  • Buying tickets for tours and attractions via the Internet is a way to save about 10% of the cost and avoid queues.
  • In hostels, you can often negotiate a free overnight stay in exchange for cleaning or other assistance.
  • The cheapest cities in Europe are Bucharest, Kiev, Belgrade, Budapest, Riga, Istanbul, and Warsaw.
  • Thanks to the participation in the loyalty programs of various hotel chains, you can get a free night’s bonus as a gift.
  • Remember that housing on the 2-3 lines of the beach is twice cheaper than on one line.

Moreover, walking on foot is useful.

  • Best online translator is google translate.
  • In the supermarkets of America, Thailand and Hong Kong, 2 hours before closing, discounts of up to 50% on perishable products begin.
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the world is in libraries and universities.
  • All currency rates are available on the application Currency.
  • Find out the address and telephone number of the nearest embassy or consulate of Ukraine. Anything can happen; you need to know where to turn.

Admit that, using these lifehacks, and you can save great time, money and nerves. Travel with ease.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is much of a traveler. She has been to some places, and there is a lot to visit in plans. Her current place of work is Custom Writings Company where she works as a freelance writer and has an excellent opportunity to travel.