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Visiting Greenwich Market Post Lockdown

Greenwich Market is eerie without the hustle and bustle of stalls…

So I’m glad it’s back open for ‘normal’ business!

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Mostly for food reasons (my phone gallery is distinctly bare of food photos).

So here’s my visit to Crosstown Donuts (my favourite donut shop in London)!

I’m making my way through the Crosstown Donuts menu. This is Chocolate Orange donut which has two orange pieces in the top and a brownie like texture base.

So what’s social distancing like and what’s the shop and pub protocol?

Here is what I learned from visiting Greenwich Market post lockdown

  • There are fewer stalls than usual which means more space
  • Some shops have hand sanitizer and gloves (if you do want to touch products)
  • Stall owners wear masks but most of the public still don’t
  • The toilets are open across from the food stalls area and there is also a hand wash area nearby
  • Most shops have a person limit (it was one person in Crosstown Donuts and two in the Picture Gallery)
  • Greenwich seemed it’s usual packed self at 2 o’clock (it was less busy at midday when we arrived
  • There were lots of people sitting around the steps and wall across from the Cutty Sark
  • The college grounds still remain closed
  • There are barriers on the road making them smaller, but making pavements wider so it’s easier to maintain a 2 meter distance
  • We went to the Admiral Hardy pub in Greenwich Market and sat inside. There were still tables left at 1-2pm. They have table service and a one way system. They also disinfect the tables when people vacate
  • Some restaurants are operating a pick up service line Honest Burger and Noodle Time

I think everyone’s made a real effort to keep people safe. Overall, the experience of visiting Greenwich Market is business as usual which is great news!

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