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Visiting Iceland: 7 Authentic Experiences to Try

Iceland is a unique country with so much to enjoy, beautiful scenery like the Blue Lagoon, and many experiences to explore, like touring around the Golden Circle. A day in Iceland will have you astounded by the various natural sites that can’t be found anywhere else in the globe. Below are seven attractions and experiences you must not miss during your next vacation getaway to Iceland.

Soaking in a hot spring 

The Blue Lagoon, a very popular site, is a large milky-blue geothermal pool that offers top-tier experiences in relaxation and wellness. Early mornings, in particular, are not as busy. Therefore, if you want a quiet experience, contact Blue Lagoon to make bookings in time and get there early. Aside from the relaxing feel, your experience at the lagoon gives you numerous skincare and health benefits. 

Drive around the Golden Circle

Taking this 300km route tour of southern Iceland from Reykjavik to the southern uplands is quite an excursion featuring iconic sites on the way like the Geysir geyser, Thingvellir National Park, and Gullfoss waterfall. To take a break from driving, you should consider this trip for an experience of a lifetime. The Golden Circle drive is one of the best tours in Iceland, with so much to see.

Dog Sledding

If you love dogs, this is a must-do during your visit. Available all year round, during the summer or winter, dog sledding can be done either on Iceland’s dry land or the icy and snowy areas. The sled is driven by 6 to 8 lively husky dogs. Remember to grab your warmest coat if you are visiting the snow-filled areas. Enjoy the picturesque sites as you sled through. 

Ice cave exploring

Iceland is home to glaciers with ice caves made by glacial rivers when the ice melts during the summer. You can only visit the caves during certain times of the year because the temperatures should be low for the glacial rivers to freeze, making the caves navigable. The frozen blue water shines as you make your way into the ice cave.


Snorkel in the insanely cold water and witness the slow separation of the American and the Euro-Asian tectonic plates. Silfra gorge specifically offers visibility exceeding 100 meters deep, an ideal location to check out the tectonic plates. You can go snorkeling any time of the year.

Horse riding

Icelandic horses are strong, short-legged, masculine, and fast. They have exemplary resilience to harsh conditions despite their beautiful delicate look. Gliding through the wind-blown tundra vegetation on these unique horses is a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Admire geysers and waterfalls

The Geysir, which geysers are named after, offers a live eruption at every eight-minute count. Geothermal activity is fascinating, mainly if it’s your first time. Remember to keep your distance because the water is boiling and can burn you severely. On the other hand, the Gullfoss waterfall is a wonder with a unique landscape. Visit the area early morning or late in the evening to have a quiet time because the site may be crowded during the day.

Suppose you visit Iceland in the winter; you might be lucky enough to see the magical Northern Lights. Of course, there is no guarantee that you’ll see them, but between November and March is the ideal time.