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Visiting Japan On A Budget: Practical Ways To Save Money During Your Stay

Traveling to most foreign regions can be pretty pricey, although some destinations are substantially more expensive than others. While the idea of luxury travel is appealing, not everyone has the budget to accommodate lavish vacation experiences. And if you are considering a trip to Japan, you might be slightly concerned about how far you can stretch a restricting budget. Fortunately, the region offers a few practical ways that you can reduce the costs of your trip to Japan, so we have listed them for you. 


Avoid Eating Out

While it will be worth your while to eat out at least once during your stay to experience the unique local cuisine, you should consider avoiding eating out on most evenings. You can consider sourcing your groceries from local Japanese retailers of quality foods and purchase wagyu taster flight packs to prepare at your place of accommodation. This decision will allow you to recreate traditional Japanese cuisine during your stay, as you can easily find recipes online.

Travel By Train With A Japan Rail Pass

Car rental and taxi services can be extremely costly in Japan, as is the case in most regions with a higher cost of living. However, you can save a small fortune when traveling by train. What’s more, you should avoid purchasing single tickets and instead purchase a Japan Rail Pass. The train pass will cost around $280 for seven days, and there are other options for lengthier durations. The train pass will give you access to unlimited train rides within the region, ensuring you will save if you plan on exploring for most of your vacation.

Consider Capsule Hotels Or Private Rentals

The per-night cost of hotels in Japan can be astronomical. On the other hand, more affordable hostels might not be all that comfortable for most travelers. So instead of compromising your comfort, you could consider capsule hotels. As the name describes, these are capsules that contain a small bed, lighting, and an outlet. In some cases, they do have a TV, and other facilities are shared in the hotel’s common area. The cost per night is around $25-50. Alternatively, you can search Airbnb for private rentals. Depending on the location, you could rent a property for the duration of your stay that fits comfortably into your budget. 

Saving On Experiences

Exploring the culturally rich streets of this unique region won’t cost you anything, although when it comes to sightseeing, you may have to budget a small amount to gain access to museums and temples. The cost of this is generally around $5, so it won’t set you out of your budget all that much. Moreover, you can purchase museum and temple passes that will ensure you save on your total number of visits to these attractions. There are also free things to do in Japan, such as visit enchanting gardens, parks, and certain museums.

Visiting Japan for a vacation can be pricey. However, with the decision to be money-savvy with your budgeting and daily spending, you can shrink down the cost of your oriental getaway substantially. And without having to compromise the quality of your experience much at all.

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