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Healthy breakfasts and lunches in London doesn’t have to mean boring at Vital Ingredient.

I’ve been on a health kick recently. Mostly because of all the burgers and milkshakes I have (damn you sweet tooth and London with your ridiculous burgers!). As well as spending longer in the gym, I’ve been trying to eat healthier when possible.

But my spiralized lunches just aren’t cutting it (I was sold a lie, courgetti is not a substitute for pasta!). I get hungry around 3pm and head for the vending machine which defeats the purpose of making healthy lunches.

So it was excellent timing when I received an invite to try Vital Ingredient and learn a little more about what makes them different. Built by Alex Heynes on a premise of using great ingredients to create healthy food and drinks, which customers can tailor to their wants and needs.

I’m also really lazy and can’t be bothered/don’t have time to make my own lunches, so picking up something healthy on my lunch break means less time in the gym.

Here is my review and five reasons to eat at Vital Ingredient.


Maybe it’s the Scotman in me but price is a huge factor in what I eat for lunch. You’ll see for yourself as you read my review that Vital Ingredient’s prices are pretty great considering the portion you get (hint you won’t think of dinner before you finish work). Not to mention in comparison to how much lunch costs everywhere else in London (I’m looking at you Borough Market and Fitzrovia).


I could go to Vital ingredient each day of the week for lunch time – that’s how much choice there is.

I’ve never been a huge fan of salads, but Vital Ingredient have some interesting combinations to make me think twice.

You’ll find intriguing ingredients in the mix such as bang bang chicken, ham hock, smoked tofu, pear, rare roast beef, roasted butternut squash and goji berries to name some (small £5.15, regular£6.25).

And tortilla chips in a salad? You mavericks Vital Ingredient! That’s a salad I can get on board with.

Then I noticed their street food selection. I had the Tostilocos (and had fun saying it too) – chili, cheddar, jalapenos, tortilla chips and sour cream with brown rice. The large portion (£6.45) is ideal for early lunches to get you through till home time (just me who still calls it home time?).

The street food menu also features tasty and filling curries, beans, leak and apple, chilli con carne and Brazilian pork feijoada (small £4.65, large £5.95).

And it’s all healthy to boot.


Making my own smoothies appeals to me. But I need to buy a NutriBullet, then fruit (which isn’t exactly cheap), chop it up then blend it – who has time!

The watermelon, cucumber and mint is fresh and easy on the palette while the Totally Tropical (pineapple, mango, spinach, apple and goji berries) is perfect for the gorgeous summer heatwave we’ve been experiencing lately (bet I’ve jinxed it now, sorry London). And for the same price of a coffee too (£3.99).


Vital Ingredient’s smoothies are blitzed in front of you – can’t get fresher than that.


My favourite part of the meal. Even if they are healthy.

Save your guilt for something else as you can treat yo’ self to granola pots, jellies, fruit salads and yogurts.

And as if the banana and custard (£1.99) wasn’t a match made in heaven already, it had chocolate buttons on top…


You’ve overslept and you have no time for breakfast – sound familiar?

Grab a bowl or smoothie (£3.65) featuring nuts, fruits, grains and berries – or create your own.

Or warm yourself up on those cold mornings with a 5 grain porridge (£2.45) of oats, barley, rye, buckwheat and quinoa to keep you fuller for longer. The Magic Porridge of plum, apricot, mandarin compote and coconut sounds particularly exotic for a breakfast! 5p also goes to providing children with free breakfast – win win.

I love eggs because they’re so versatile. Vital Ingredient’s Poached egg pots offering interesting combinations like salmon and avocado (£3.95) and ham hock and chilli beans (£2.95). And breakfast isn’t breakfast without toast – two slices of buttered toast are 95p.

And for those mornings when you’ve had a late night, Vital Ingredient have bacon muffins (£2.45) to pick you up.

What do you recommend at Vital Ingredient? Tell me in the comments section below!

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