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Voxi Review: Voxi Vs Giffgaff

There aren’t a huge amount of options when it comes to 30 day SIMs or no contract SIMS. Two markets leaders you should consider are Giff Gaff and Voxi.

I’ve used both and depending on what you’re looking for in a no contract SIM will decide which company is best for you. So find out which gives you more data allowance for your money and which gives you the best EU roaming package.


Coverage is a huge deciding factor when it comes to selecting a network.

Voxi uses Vodaphone’s network, while Giff Gaff uses o2.

You can use their respective coverage map checkers to see which would offer better.

Voxi coverage checker

Giff Gaff coverage checker

Price & Plans

Prices and plans change and go on sale, so check each for the most to date.

Voxi price and plans

Giffgaff price and plans

But at the time of writing data here is a data allowance comparison:

£30Unlimited data
£35Unlimited data

Another nice benefit which attracted me to Voxi is the unlimited use of social apps without eating your data allowance. Spend £15 or more and you can stream TikTok, Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube endlessly with unlimited video, so your data allowance goes even further.

EU roaming

With Giffgaff, you can use your data allowance but will be capped at 5GB.

With Voxi, you need to add a European Roaming Passes if you want to use your data allowable abroad. These are available for £2 a day when you purchase a 1- or 2-day pass, or £1 a day when you purchase an 8- or 15-day pass. A fair use policy of 20GB applies to data while roaming.

Giffgaff’s data roaming policy

Voxi’s data roaming policy

If Voxi sounds good to you, you can use my referral link which gives you a £20 Amazon gift voucher after you renew for a second month.