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Watcher’s Ghost Files: Release Date, First Look & Best Quotes

Boogaras and Shaniacs assemble! Ghost Files looks even better than BuzzFeed Unsolved! Remember to grab your holy water!

UPDATE!!! The first episode can be viewed early by signing up to their Patreon for only Β£4!!! And the spirit box is back baby! And they just released the bloopers early!

I can’t wait for the return of the Ghooligans! The first look video already has me in stitches. It’s already received more than 1 million views so I’m not the only one who’s missed their ghost hunting adventures (I have watched it multiple times…)!

When is Ghost Files episode 1 released?

Ghost Files premieres September 2023 8pm GMT (3pm EST) with new episodes released every Friday.

And Ryan suggested the episodes are almost an hour long!!!

And yes, there’s a version of post mortem called Ghost Files Debrief. The Ghoul Boys review the evidence they found, show scenes that didn’t make the final cut and of course Q&A.

Ghost Files Debrief has been confirmed for release on Wednesdays, 8pm GMT.

I’ve watched the first episode and it’s great. Trusty old ghost hunting tools make a reappearance while new ones are also introduced. There’s also fan submitted evidence. And of course Ryan And Shane are their usual silly selves.

In similar style to my list of best BuzzFeed Unsolved quotes, I’ll be updating this page with the best Ghost Files quotes!

Best Ghost Files quotes

  • Show me the ghoulies!
  • What were you thinking of whe you were falling down the elevator shaft? Ja Rule
  • Everyone at home can fuck themselves
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