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Watcher’s Ghost Files Best Quotes & Mystery Files First Look

Boogaras and Shaniacs assemble! Ghost Files looks even better than BuzzFeed Unsolved! Remember to grab your holy water!

While we wait for Mystery Files in May 2023, catch up on the best quotes from Ghost Files!

In similar style to my list of best BuzzFeed Unsolved quotes, I’ll be updating this page with the best Ghost Files quotes!

Best Ghost Files quotes

  • Show me the ghoulies!
  • Jog king jog
  • What were you thinking of whe you were falling down the elevator shaft? Ja Rule
  • Everyone at home can fuck themselves
  • I think this ghost wants to be inside you
  • Nerd
  • First name devil, last name baby
  • I think I liked a ghost
  • Well I have to inform you, your ass is grass
  • Hey you fuckin butthole
  • Shane sized cages
  • This is evidence? It’s a picture of a dogs ass
  • Let’s see your hot ass bones
  • Are you just going to stay there and pop lock like smooth criminal
  • July, baby
  • Are you just here to chill and be wet?
  • If saying “this is excellent popcorn” were my last words on earth I’d die a happy man

Ghost Files will return in 2023!!!

The ghoul boys need to visit the UK again…

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