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10 Fun Things To Do In Dubai During Christmas

The event of Christmas is more likely about snow and winter vacations, but in Dubai, you should expect something dissimilar. Being a warm city, Christmas looks totally different in Dubai compared to other countries and cities of the world. Because of this, tour operators in Dubai provide attractive packages to lure tourists from around the world to their city.

By being different, it does not mean that you will miss the traditions and festivals of Christmas in Dubai. You can enjoy all the traditions of Christmas in Dubai in a new way.  

Christmas in Dubai

As Christmas eve is around the corner, people are wondering what does Christmas in Dubai looks like. Below are the few things you can expect to experience if you are in Dubai this Christmas. 

high rise buildings near calm water at daytime

1. Sunny Christmas

In most parts of the world, the month of December comes with freezing weather and snow. Dubai has such a weather condition in which even the winters are not too cold. People often find sunny days and enjoy sunbath on the beaches of Dubai. Therefore, if you are planning to spend Christmas in Dubai, keep in mind that it is going to be a sunny Christmas in Dubai. 

The people tired of celebrating Christmas wrapped up in warm clothes will get relief by enjoying this sunny Christmas. The blue sky, filled with cotton-like clouds, and the beach with perfect temperature are their ideals on Christmas eve. 

2. Magical Winter Garden

Contrary to the sunny Christmas, there is also a chance to enjoy snowy Christmas in Dubai. It is a treat for the people who face the scorching harsh weather of Dubai throughout the year. 

The gardens of Habtoor Palace are transformed into a Magical Winter Garden to welcome guests coming from around the world. The Magical Winter Garden presents different stalls, local and international food streets, and other attractions for the guests. 

The Habtoor Palace gardens are decorated for Christmas guests from November till March. People visit the Magical Winter Garden during all the festivals and traditions of Christmas with their loved ones and spend quality time. It is a winter wonderland that is decorated amazingly and provides lots of fun activities for the visitor. It is open from 5 pm to 12 am from November to March. 

3. Festive Films At Dubai Beach Club Zero Gravity

Watching a festive film at home does not sound interesting. You can make your festive film-watching experience great by shifting it to the big screen. Dubai Beach Club Zero Gravity offers festive films on a big screen. It includes Christmas festive films like Love Actually, Elf, Home Alone, or The Holiday. These are romantic comedies and children’s movies based on Christmas festivals. You can enjoy watching these films on the beach along with your friends and family. 

4. Ski Dubai Winter Wonderland

Similar to the Magical Winter Garden of Habtoor Place, you can also visit Ski Dubai to enjoy the snowy winter experience during Christmas. Ski Dubai is a winter wonderland available throughout the year for people to enjoy the snowy adventure. During Christmas, Ski Dubai becomes a real like winter wonderland in December. 

Here, you can enjoy the beautiful sight of 40 feet tall illuminated Christmas tree, sweet seasonal treats including mince pies, warm cups of hot chocolate, and gingerbread penguins. Children can also get a memorable chance to meet and greet Santa. Moreover, the exciting Christmas movies are also available at the Cinema in Ski Dubai.

5. Festive Markets At Dubai Desert Resort Bab Al Shams

Dubai desert resort Bab Al Shams turns into a festive market during the Christmas season. This transformation is a kind of Christmas celebration for the Christian community visiting Dubai during Christmas or already residing there. 

These festive markets at Dubai desert resort Bab Al Shams contain all types of gift items that one can think of. It is a 12-day fun event that starts on the 10th of December and ends on the 21st of December. The guests visiting Dubai desert resort Bab Al Shams can enjoy the stunning views of a 40 feet tall Christmas tree, stalls of Mulled wine, mulled grapes, hot chocolates, festive sweets, traditional and festive food, and most importantly, the Christmas-themed buffet. The children will also love meeting and greeting Santa present in the Dubai desert resort Bab Al Shams.

6. Gingerbread House Workshops

Gingerbread House holds a special place in the celebrations of Christmas. People of all enjoy like to see the Gingerbread houses made on the occasion of Christmas. Raffles Salon is a restaurant where the chefs teach children how to make gingerbread houses in their Gingerbread House making workshops. In this workshop, children learn how to create and decorate a gingerbread house with sweets and icing. 

This special festive eve takes place from December 12 to 18, from 2 pm to 5 pm. Advance booking is required for children to take part in this fun workshop. 

7. Enjoy a Great Feast at Atlantis The Palm

Atlantis the Palm offers the biggest feast of Christmas in Dubai. An amazing festive dine-around offers delicious diner, free-flowing beverages, and high-class entertainment. The diners can enjoy their lavish food buffets along with stunning live musical performances, gravity-defying stunts, Santa’s elves dancing, and magical tricks. Moreover, an underwater Santa’s grotto in the Lost Chambers Aquarium fascinates guests of all ages. 

8. The Chic Mina Brasserie Terrace

If you want to head to a peaceful place with your partner to enjoy the festival of Christmas, The Chic Mina Brasserie Terrace is a great place to visit. It is a winter terrace decorated with ornate trees and foliage-filled walls. In December, the terrace goes through some unique decorations for the festival of Christmas and becomes a magical winter wonderland. 

The terrace walls are filled with fairy twinkling lights, and the tables are decorated with white lights, candles, cozy blankets. The guests are served delicious food, beverages, and desserts on the special brasserie-style sharing plates. Chef Michael Mina specially designs these plates for Christmas festive. 

9. Visit the Church 

Dubai is a Muslim city, but it is also a multi-national and multi-cultural state. It respects all religions. For this reason, there are many Churches located in different areas of Dubai city. St. Mary’s in Oud Metha is one of the biggest churches in Dubai. Lots of people visit the church, especially on Christmas eve. Another famous church in Dubai is St. Francis. It is near to the people living at the southern end of the city.  

10. Turkey, the Festive Dish

Like other festive of Christmas, Turkey is the festive dish of Christmas. People who host a lunch or dinner on Christmas especially cook Turkey dishes for the guests. You can easily get Turkey in Dubai. The markets sell Turkey readily during Christmas. You can also get ready to serve Turkey dishes from the food markets of Dubai. You can get turkey dishes from 5-star hotels and famous restaurants delivered to your doorstep. 

Final Verdict

Dubai is a city that holds value for all cultures and religions. It is a Muslim city and also celebrates Christmas eve to bring joy and happiness to Christian people. 

We hope this article has picturized well what does Christmas looks like in Dubai. If you want to share your experience of spending Christmas in Dubai, you are warmly welcome. Do share your precious thoughts on this matter.