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What Is The Cheapest Way To Travel To Florida?

Going on a tour isn’t expensive. However, proper planning is necessary to enjoy a vacation even within a tight budget. Some strategies are required to save a massive amount of money on a single trip. Let’s discuss how you can plan the cheapest visit to Florida- the Sunshine State.

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1.Plan Ahead

Early planning is crucial to consider all the significant factors of your trip. It would be best to do complete research on your desired location. Consider everyone’s schedule, especially when traveling with a group of people. Book your accommodations fast as the reservations are cheaper when you make them early.

Moreover, if you are traveling by road, choose the best route and have some backup options. We advise you to use an accommodation metasearch engine like cozycozy to organise your trip. In one single search, you can see all offers from Airbnb, Booking, VRBO and others!

2.Early Reservations 

It would be best to purchase the tickets in advance. Several airlines offer fantastic discounts on tickets purchased 14 or 21 days early from the departure date. Ask about the restrictions, like staying over a Saturday night. Mostly, the keys are nonrefundable. 

On the flip side, benefit by purchasing at the last minute. It is suggested not to be stuck with an expensive ticket. However, when a flight is half-sold, the airlines offer deep discounts for filling seats that are not sold 72 hours before taking off. It’s one of the best strategies in the off-season.

3.Visit During Off-season 

To save money on accommodations and reservations, it would be best to plan during the off-season. Enjoy Disney tickets and beaches. Rather than visiting the places where the entrance fee is mandatory, you can see the beautiful beaches in Florida. Feel relaxed and calm along the shore for free.

Flying on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday can save some money with airlines. Monday, Friday, and Sunday flights are priced higher. You can also inquire regarding night flights, and it’s cheaper and worth it– make up your sleep later.

4.Road Trip Instead of Fly

No doubt, air travel is shorter than a road trip. However, they’re relatively more expensive. Just think, a trip is incomplete without spending time on the road, and Florida is an excellent place with great routes. It makes for good bonding and a better way to save a lot of money. Here you also have the best time for some sightseeing and more fun.

5.Be Flexible with Airport You Arrive 

Tampa and Orlando are just 1 1/2 hours away from driving. However, the ticket prices can be drastically different. While moving to Florida, be wise as ticket prices vary greatly. You would think that your ticket to Orlando International Airport is a steal. Then you find the one in Tampa. However, the rate to drive a car for 90 minutes is much cheaper. In this way, you can discover colossal savings when flying back to Florida.

6.Avoid Eating in Expensive Restaurants

​While making your trip to Florida on a tight- budget it’s a sacrifice. Ready-made food in restaurants is exciting but expensive too. You can visit a nearby grocery store for simple meals such as burgers or sandwiches. However, if you are not interested in eating out, allow yourselves to eat one meal per day.

7.Plan for accessible tourist destinations

If you are looking for some of the best accessible tourist destinations in Florida, attend a drum circle on Venice beach in Florida. You can also visit the Key West Garden Club. If you have young kids, have a picnic at a playground. Use a Science Museum annual pass across Florida for free.

There are numerous ways to enjoy a vacation, even if your budget is tight. The main goal for many people is to bring remarkable memories that will last long. These people don’t have to be involved in all the expensive stuff. 

Enjoy the things even paying, such as visiting playgrounds, town squares, beaches, and sightseeing at Disney Spring. You’ll miss out on expensive theme parks, but that’s okay. There are numerous other exciting things to do in Florida.

8.Camp in Florida

Save on accommodations and have fun outdoors by camping in Florida. It’s cheaper to bring a tent and rent a Tv. Staying in a hotel is an excellent and pleasant option, but they can get pricey. If you plan to travel on a budget, camping in Florida is much better and less expensive. Get closer to nature. Enjoy calm in the soothing and relaxing environment it brings, and stretch your comfort zone slightly. 

9.Always ask about discounts.

It would be best to ask for a discount if you are a student, corporate, auto club, senior military citizen, etc. Most car-rental firms, airlines, attractions, accommodations, and some restaurants offer price breaks. However, don’t necessarily volunteer this information. Make sure to bring your identification and group membership card. Most Florida attractions and activities provide discounts. A valid ID is required for qualifying the bargain rates.

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