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What Makes A Good Travel Video?

In the modern world, travel videos have become very popular and many people shoot to remember an exciting trip and share their impressions with their families. Some even found an idea for a business in this activity and shoot their travel blog.

If you love to travel, then you should try to shoot beautiful travel videos and even create your blog. To shoot interesting and vivid videos, we have a few tips. Believe me, if you spend a lot of time traveling around the country, you will not have a problem with content that can be published.

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Some Tips on How to Make the Perfect Travel Video

To create the perfect travel videos, you should first familiarize yourself with similar YouTube videos to understand how they should look. You need to think over the subject of your video, decide on video editing software, and only then start shooting. We have prepared some tips to help you create your perfect travel video.

Prepare Your Equipment Before Your Trip

Before you go on a trip, decide what settings you will need for your trip. Believe me, changing camera settings during a trip will take a lot of time and cause a lot of inconveniences.

When you have already set up the camera, in no case do not change anything, because any change can adversely affect your video as a whole. Spend your time before the start of the trip, prepare your travel gear and you’ll get a great result!

Shoot as Much Footage as Possible

One of the top tips for aspiring video bloggers is to shoot as much content as possible while traveling. This will help you easily find beautiful shots and quickly edit the perfect video. It is important here not to overdo it and shoot only the necessary frames that will be needed when editing, and not vice versa.

Tell and Show More Local Beauty Than Yourself

Try to shoot more of the environment, the travel video implies a beautiful history and description of beautiful places in the country. Every person who watches a travel video expects to see as much beautiful nature as possible, a description of the appearance of residents, and chic places that you have visited.

You should try to avoid unnecessary shots from your walks through simple streets and focus on the environment and the beauty of architecture.

Take a Variety of Shots

Try experimenting with shooting methods. Remember that a travel video should never be boring, you should show all the beauty of the area as vividly and captivatingly as possible. Pack your travel backpack and go to discoveries!

A great option would be to try shooting from different angles or apply effects such as slow motion or speed up. You can also shoot video through the cat’s eye and even from a bird’s eye view. All these actions will help you create the perfect travel video that will inspire a huge number of people to visit this country.

Show Off the Beauty of the Locals

Another interesting technique for creating a captivating travel video is to take close-up shots of locals, ideally looking directly into your camera. This is a good option for success because all people are interested in looking at the beauty of people from another country.

But remember that before you shoot people on camera, you must ask their permission. This also applies to shooting in public places and cafés, because in many places shooting is prohibited, or you need to agree on it in advance. To avoid conflicts and troubles, be sure to take this issue seriously.

Be Responsible With Video Editing

Editing travel videos is often one of the hardest parts. With the help of the video editor, you can do many things with your video: slow it down or speed it up, make beautiful transitions, add effects and background music, and more.

For example, you can use the blur video editor to add focus on different subjects and make your video look more professional and attractive. For your video to be successful, check out the video editing tips because it needs to stand out from the rest and be the most interesting.

Choosing a Camera for Shooting Travel Video

One of the daunting tasks before shooting a travel video is choosing the equipment. Following are some essential gear and accessories you need for travel video:

  • Your mobile phone. If your goal is to shoot for yourself or your social media followers, you can make videos with your iPhone. You can even edit videos on your iPhone. There is only one minus, when publishing videos shot on the phone, the quality deteriorates very much.
  • Action camera. This is exactly the equipment that most often takes with them on trips. With such a camera, your video will have good quality and no weather conditions will affect it (be careful and take care not to get a heat stroke in hot countries). The camera is easy to use and does not take up much space, you can attach it to part of your clothes or backpack and not worry about the inconvenience.
  • Drone. This camera is often used by travel bloggers. With it, you can shoot not only on the ground but also in the sky. Such a camera helps to convey all the beauty of the environment, even in places where you can’t get on your own. You can show a bird’s eye view of the city in your travel video and it’s amazing!
  • Video cameras. If you have a goal of shooting professional video, these cameras will suit you. But it is worth noting that the equipment is very heavy and requires a lot of knowledge to use it.


Shooting travel videos is a very exciting activity that helps to share your impressions with others. Even a beginner can shoot such videos using a mobile phone camera and it will not be difficult! The main thing is to understand why you are doing this and be ready for the installation process. We’ve listed a few tips and camera options to help you create the perfect video. By following them, you can be sure that your video will be a success and have a lot of positive comments from people watching.