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What to consider when buying a holiday home

Are you thinking of setting up your own holiday home? Buying a second property can seem daunting, however, there are plenty of reasons to take the leap and invest in a bolthole that you can escape to whenever you want to get away from it all. 

Here, we look at why you might want to buy a holiday home and what this type of accommodation entails. 

blue boats docked near the seashore

Why buy a holiday home?

Holiday homes are an aspirational purchase for many of us. From TV shows that showcase all that the Great British countryside has to offer to caravan parks advertising their properties for sale, there are plenty of ways that we’re getting inspired to make the investment and buy the property on the coast. 

It’s easy to be swept up in the idea of having a place to visit away from the everyday. These properties are usually in idyllic parts of the country and offer an alternative to the daily routine of commute and school run. 

As well as being an escape, it’s also an opportunity to socialise. You can invite friends to visit for the weekend or make friends in the area and invite them around for a drink when you’re staying at your holiday property. 

Additionally, you might want to let your property out when you’re not staying there. This could be a useful source of income for you, especially if you’re paying off the mortgage on this holiday home. It may be worth checking where you stand with your holiday home insurance before you list your property.

Things to think about

If you’re thinking of buying a holiday home, there are certain points to consider. The main one is location. Do you prefer coast or country? Do you like being somewhere remote or are you keen to set up close to a nearby town or village? 

While you’re thinking about what you’d prefer, it’s worth keeping in mind what prospective holidaymakers are looking for. If, for instance, you were to buy a holiday home to let in Whitby, you’re likely to get a lot of interest as this is a popular tourist spot in the UK. 

The details

As well as location, there are other factors that come with buying any type of property. If you’re buying a house or cottage, for instance, you’ll need to put an offer in as you did with your main residential property. You’ll also need to make sure that you can cover fees and make any repairs that are flagged in a survey. 

If you’re buying a caravan or mobile holiday home, you’ll need to make sure you know what you’ll need to cover. For instance, you’ll pay for your caravan, but will you also need to pay for ground maintenance on the site that your caravan’s based in? This is all important information to be aware of before you commit.  

Think carefully

This is a big decision. There’s no rush to buy a holiday home, so take the time to work out if it’s the right investment for you and decide what type of property you want and where you want your holiday home to be. From there, you can take the steps to invest in a home away from home.