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What to Consider When Taking Your Pet on a Vacation

Pets are an integral part of the family, so they pretty much deserve their place in your family vacation. Moreover, when you take your pet with you, you will never have to worry about them and you won’t have to find someone to entrust them with the animal while you are away.

If you decide taking your pet on your family vacation, you need to consider a couple of details that will make your travel safe and pleasant both for you and your pet. Remember that no matter how long the journey and the vacation are, the comfort of the animal and your peace and quiet depend mostly on the time you spend for the preparation. The whole idea of taking your pet with you on a vacation will not seem so scary to you if you are well-prepared and you plan everything in advance.

Here are some tips that will help you:

1. Make a plan

Make a list with everything you need to take with you for your pet – food, trash bags, toys, bed, straps, passport, and if necessary, medication. If you are travelling by plane, check which companies allow taking pets on board. You will also have to notify the company as soon as possible, because most airline companies have a capacity for pets that can be carried at once.

2. Prepare the pet

If this is going to be the first trip for your pet, it is very likely that it will be stressed. This applies mainly for cats, because dogs are more adaptive in this aspect. So, a few days before the trip it is a good idea to take the pet for a ride. Do not forget to get a couple of the animal’s toys with you in order to place them in the car. This will show your pet that there is nothing to be afraid with and will make it feel more relaxed.

3. Create an environment that looks the one you have at home

If you have a dog and you travel by car, try to make a couple of short walks. That will help the animal adapt to the new environment and you will also be able to have some rest from driving. Do not forget to take all bowls of the animal, as well as its straps and toys. Straps are a must, no matter if your pet is a cat or a dog, because you will be able to control the animal and it won’t be able to run away from you if stressed.

English: Large blue water bowl for dogs, half ...

English: Large blue water bowl for dogs, half full of water (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4. Do not leave the pet without any water

It is recommended not to feed the animal up to two hours before your departure, no matter if you are travelling by car or by plane. If the pet is travelling on an empty stomach, this will prevent nausea and any unwanted stops. However, make sure that your pet is getting enough fresh water during your trip.

5. Be careful with the air conditioner in the car

Remember that your pet is something like a baby, so you need be careful and make it comfortable during your trip. Turning the air conditioner is much worse than leaving the body of your pet overheat. Remember not to leave your pets in a closed car during the summer. You can do it only for a few minutes, but make sure you have put the far in shade and have left the windows half-open. Secure the doors and the windows in order to prevent the pet from running away.

6. Have fun

After all, this is what your vacation is all about, right? Take some pictures of your and your family and the pet. Run in the park, go on the beach – the choice is all yours, but the memories will last a lifetime.

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