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What To Do On Giglio Island, Italy

Giglio Island may well be Italy’s best secret. Discover why and what to do on Giglio Island.

Italy is my favourite country. What’s not to love?

Fascinating history, delicious food, gorgeous buildings and streets.

I loved my time walking from museum to gallery to landmark in Rome as much as I enjoyed the beautiful sun-kissed Lake Como.

Other Italian cities such as Florence, Venice and the Italian Riviera are on my bucket list too. But I’m looking further afield, towards the islands.

After watching the film, The Talented Mr. Ripley recently I’ve become besotted and interested in finding out more about Italy’s islands – which there are many of! Did you know Sicily was also used for The Godfather!

I stumbled upon a tiny Tuscan island called Giglio. It might just be Italy’s best kept secret. All of the Italian charm you’d come to expect without the crowds. Giglio Island is also a breeze to get to with ferries from Santo Stefano.


If the overcrowded mainland beaches are too much too handle, you’ll find Giglio’s beaches are a dream. The most well known beach is in the small village of Campese – the sunsets are legendary. Caldane beach is another outstanding beach; small, beautiful, surrounded by cliffs and trees. And most importantly, sandy! It’s as romantic as it sounds!


The crystal clear waters make snorkelling and scuba diving a must. Giglio Island is possibly the best diving spot in Italy, with caves and ancient wrecks to explore! You’ll also see a ton of sea life like barracudas. While in the summer, dolphins and whales come to the island to have their holidays!


Aside from the pristine and quiet beaches, Giglio Island is also known for its medieval walled village on the mountain. The church is as pretty as any you’ll see on the mainland while the castle, Castello, offers tremendous views of Elba, Corsica and Sardinia. Just watch out for the strong local wine, Ansonaco. You can hike or take the bus.


Possibly Giglio’s best restaurant is Ristorante Arcobalena, which is rather hidden away. You must try the white wine, which comes from their own vineyard! During the summer, you might be lucky enough to catch a concert in the vineyard whilst dinning! But in general, the fresh seafood is delicious at any restaurant on the island.

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