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Why I Love Barcelona and Why I Need to Visit More of Spain

I spent four wonderful days in Barcelona for my 22nd birthday – four days wasn’t enough.

It was my first experience of Spain and I loved every minute of it. Barcelona’s art scene is as good as anywhere in the world and competes with the likes of London’s latest art exhibitions for example. And they make it easy to experience the culture by offering the Articket – six art galleries and museums for a discounted price. The architecture is also stunning, whether it’s the Sagrada Familia or the Gothic Quarter.

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

It was also my first taste of Spanish cuisine – where has it been all of my life!? Both delicious and healthy, it’s a deadly combination for  food comas. I’ll always remember my first experience of paella. Being presented with a huge dish with a wonderful array of colours – it tasted as good as it looked too. Fresh ingredients that were flavoured perfectly, I even cook it at home I loved it that much!

As a solo traveller, you always worry a little about the nightlife – will I be safe walking around the streets late at night? I needn’t worry about that in Barcelona. The streets were filled with happy groups of people of all ages going to clubs, bars and restaurants. In fact they are so friendly, I ended up having a drink with the locals one night!

Barcelona skyline

Barcelona skyline

What came as a surprise most of all was that Barcelona has a beach! That’s right, you get the best of both worlds – city life and beach life. After a long day of shopping in Barcelona’s various locations across the city, it was brilliant being able to spend it relaxing on the beach. Temperatures aren’t too extreme in this part of Europe either, so the weather in Barcelona is ideal as a year round destination.

And that was just one city. Speaking to friends and other travellers who have visited places across Spain, it sounds like they loved their experience as much as I did. I’m hoping to explore much more of Spain on future travels because if it’s anything like my time in Barcelona, I’m in for a treat!

Currently getting ideas from the official Spain tourism site, I’m considering a relaxing holiday in the sun in the Canary Islands or perhaps the World Heritage City of Segovia. Still unsure if Spain is for you? Maybe this video will change your mind…

Looking for a unique Spanish city experience?

Where is your favourite place in Spain? What is your favourite memory or experience? Where would you like to visit in Spain? Tell me in the comments section below!

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