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8 Photos Proving Why Travel Selfie Sticks Are Worth It

The selfie stick. The marmite of the travel accessory world.

Loved by those who use them, loathed by, well, pretty much everyone else. Do you roll your eyes everytime you see someone use a selfie stick? Yeah me too.

But looking back at my photos of Rome, I’m having a slight change of heart. On my first solo trip abroad I obviously hadn’t heard about selfie sticks, but tried to take a selfie the old fashioned way.

Turn the camera backwards, press the shutter and hope for the best. Here are the results…

I’m taking a note of everyone who’s crying with laughter just now.


You’ll be glad to know I stopped taking selfies on my travels after my trip to Rome. Still partial to an Instagram selfie though…

Santa hat with beard!

Santa hat with beard!

Blue Steel and Mrs Bow Tie - a potent combo

Blue Steel and Mrs Bow Tie – a potent combo

Do you love or hate the selfie stick? Are you partial to a selfie whilst travelling? Tell me in the comments section below!

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