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Why the ending of Nocturnal Animals is perfect

What. That’s it?!

I sat there tense, heart racing and on the edge of my sofa for two hours. Nocturnal Animals had been one the best films I’d seen in a long time.

Then it ended abruptly. Susan continuing to wait for Edward in the restaurant.

Yeah, I know how you feel, Susan. I’m waiting too, for a suitable ending!

Could you even call it an ending?! There was no conclusion!?

But sitting there stewing for an hour after Nocturnal Animals had finished, I realised that the ending was perfect. It said so much without having to show what happened.

Edward standing up Susan was the ultimate ‘fuck you’.

It’s the perfect revenge after cheating on him with Walker as he discovers them sitting in the car.

Shift to the present day, Walker is cheating on her in New York (which she knows) and now Edward doesn’t want to be with her either. It’s a perfect ending for a terrible and heartless character.

Susan and her mother call Edward weak. Edward mentions weakness in his book. It’s obviously a sore subject for him and stayed with him through the years after their break up. In his story, he wishes he could have been stronger and stopped the killers taking her and the their daughter away.

But who’s weak now, Susan?

Nocturnal Animals is showing on Netflix and I definitely recommend you watch it. Like, stop what you’re doing now.

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