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Your First Family UK Road Trip In An EV: Top Tips For A Fun And Safe Adventure

Family road trips are brilliant opportunities for families to bond and enjoy each others’ company. Using an EV for your next road trip can be an excellent way to save money and enjoy a smoother, safer ride. Many families are switching from fuel-powered vehicles to EVs nowadays, in part because of the benefits to the environment and in part because of the outstanding savings you’ll make on the cost of running.

If you’re planning your first-ever EV road trip, you won’t find it that much different from a road trip in a traditional vehicle; you’ll need to plan your route, schedule stops, pack snacks, entertainment and emergency supplies, and more. The main difference will be in how and when you fuel – you’ll need to have enough charge to get you to your destination, with a good buffer built in to ensure you don’t run out of juice too soon. Depending on how far you’re going, you might need to plan several stops on the way to charge up your EV.

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Take The Scenic Route

It’s true that motorways are often quicker than taking back roads, but you’ll often find that taking the scenic route is far more fun. You’ll get to see more of the country and find hidden gems to stop off at on the way. It can also be beneficial for parents with young kids to travel on the back roads, as you’ll have more opportunities to stop for bathroom breaks – anyone who’s seen the next motorway services get further and further apart will know that these aren’t always ideal for your littlest passengers. Taking back routes allows you to stop off at pubs, cafes and supermarkets whenever you need to.

Plan Your Stops

Some unscheduled breaks will be inevitable with kids in the car, especially for long trips. It’s still a good idea to try and schedule as many stops as you can in your initial itinerary, as this will ensure that the places you take a break will offer more than a snack and bathroom break. You could incorporate stops at local landmarks or beauty spots, giving you and your kids the chance to see even more of the UK and what it has to offer.

Be Flexible With Timing

There’s nothing more likely to up the ante of stress on a road trip like trying to stick to a rigid schedule. Some scheduling is important, of course, but it’s important to be flexible if you don’t want to end up stressed out. Instead of insisting you reach a certain point in the journey at a certain time, consider smaller goals made of the time spent driving rather than the distance covered. This will prevent you from getting too hung up on specific milestones and make it easier to feel a sense of achievement from the distance you have covered – whatever it may be.

Consider An Overnight Journey

If you’re travelling a particularly long distance, it might be easier to plan for an overnight trip, which the kids can sleep straight through. This can be particularly useful for shorter trips, allowing you to maximise your time spent at your destination. You should always be cautious when driving through the night and stop for plenty of comfort breaks. Consider switching out with your partner regularly, particularly if you find yourself getting sleepy – it’s better to be safe than sorry if driving tired. You’ll also benefit from nice, quiet roads, ensuring you get to your destination faster.

Know Where You Can Charge On The Go

Most new EV owners have worries about the range on their vehicles – on road trips, this can become full-blown anxiety. The last thing you want is to run out of power on a long road trip, so you should plan carefully and know all of the best places to charge your EV as you go. This fantastic article by LV ElectriX can help you learn about electric car charging both at home and on the go. Some of the best places you can stop on your road trip to give your EV’s battery a little extra juice include:

  • Shopping centres
  • Supermarkets
  • Motorway services
  • Public car parks
  • Hotels

Bring An Emergency Kit

Emergency kits are crucial for any long trip, ensuring you have all of the crucial equipment you might need in an emergency. Your kit should include any medications you, your partner or your kids regularly take, along with a first aid kit, non-perishable food and extra clothing. You should include warm shoes and coats during winter in the event you break down on a cold day or night. It’s also a good idea to pack a portable charger so you can keep your phones charged up if you need to call for breakdown or emergency services.

Give The Kids Plenty Of Entertainment Options

Even the best-behaved kids will get antsy if they have nothing to do on a car ride of several hours. Thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever before to ensure your kids stay entertained on a long car journey. You could charge up tablets for each of the kids, allowing them to play their favourite games or stream their favourite films and TV shows. E-readers are excellent for the bookworms among us, giving the kids access to near-unlimited titles at the touch of a button. Just remember to use parental controls so they can’t unwittingly rack up big bills with in-app purchases.

Create The Perfect Road Trip Playlist

No road trip is complete without some great tunes to keep your mood high and the kids entertained. You could make a playlist on a streaming platform that you and the kids have access to or sit down together to add different tracks that will make the miles pass by effortlessly. Everyone should get an equal share in the music for the trip, and do your best to mix in evenly the different suggestions from each family member.

Let The Kids Choose Where You Stop

Putting up with the dreaded “are we there yet?” questioning from your kids can be enough to drive even the most patient parents to distraction. For the longest journeys, patience from children and adults alike can wear thin, so it’s important to find ways to keep everyone happy. Allowing the kids to choose some of the stops you make is a good way to forestall the inevitable choruses of “I’m bored!” from the backseat. You could give each child the one or two free passes to request a stop, whether for a comfort break or because they’ve spotted a place they want to see and explore. This can help get the kids more involved with the planning side of things and help them feel more in control of their holiday.

An EV road trip is a great way to see the UK and an excellent choice for teaching your kids about the wide world around them. Anyone who has kids knows that travelling with them can be stressful, which is why it is so important that you plan your trip to ensure everything goes smoothly. Simple solutions like bringing along plenty of kids’ entertainment and mapping out your route in advance will make a massive difference to how easy your big trip is. Your road trip should be fun and exciting for everyone – parents and kids – so try to find ways to allow everyone to have their say and get the very most out of your quality family time.

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