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Broaden your culinary horizons and find your new favourite place to eat in London with the Zomato app.

If you’ve been reading my blog lately, you might have noticed I’ve increased the number of food reviews in London. That’s because I’ve been using an awesome mobile app called Zomato.

Food review sites may be dime a dozen, but how many have easy to use mobile apps when you need to make a decision quickly when your stomachs making noises like Chewbacca?

Picture the scene. You’re in a new part of London and everywhere you look there are restaurants, cafes, bars (lets be honest that’s most places in central London like Soho).

If you struggle to make decisions when confronted with 101 choices, then Zomato’s sort feature will make you breathe a sigh of relief.

If you want to dive into the first place you see with a decent review score, sort everything by distance. Not only that but you can envisage everything with the map feature!

If only the best will do, sort them by review score. Or if cost is the main factor in where you eat, Zomato also sorts by price.

Not specific enough for you? Craving some afternoon tea perhaps, looking to connect to wi-fi to post your latest food review on Zomato or want to dine with a view at a rooftop restaurant? Yup, the Zomato app can even narrow your search to exactly these options and more.

Not fussed or want to try something new? Be inspired with Zomato’s themed lists including Trending This Week, Newly Opened, Hot Chocolate Spots, Pop Ups, Ramen, Sweet Tooth, Group Meals… the list goes on.

The app makes it easy to explore, find and create your own wish list too. Bookmark pages so you can quickly gain directions from wherever you are in the city.

Like reading the reviews of a certain Zomato food blogger? Keep up to date by following them. Zomato is building a foodie community so like, comment and post your own reviews till your hearts content.

The more reviews you post, the more foodie cred you develop. Become an expert of a London Borough by posting at least 10 reviews in that area. Your reviews will be ‘stickied’ to the top of the pages.

UK cities currently featured include Birmingham, Edinburgh and Manchester to name a few. Not to mention around the world too if your travelling. Zomato has recently acquired Urbanspoon, so look out for them making the app available in your city soon.

Get the Zomato app on iOS, Android and even Windows Phone.

Have you been using the Zomato mobile app to find the best food in London? What have been your favorite finds? What do you love about the app? Tell me in the comments section below.

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