In Photos: Stowe House & Garden Walk, National Trust

Wish my school looked like this.

Stow School looks more like a Royal residency.

The arching pillars remind me of St. Peters Basilica in Rome. Step inside the Marble Saloon room and admire the intricate detail of the frieze. Look above you and you’ll find a Pantheon styled dome streaming light into the room.

Through the huge doors you can see the lush green grounds for miles. Take a moment to enjoy the view from the top of the staircase before making your way down.

Stowe School has kept and re purposed a number of the gorgeous buildings surrounding the main house which gives you a sense of the history.

Stowe Gardens offers a number of walks viewing the gorgeous monuments and temples you can take around the grounds, which are signposted, in elegant fashion of course.

I was instantly struck by The Rotunda from a distance. It’s hard to believe it’s in the middle of Stowe Golf Course. The Temple is home to a gold statue of Venus.

Walking around the grand lake, I came across the Ruin On The Cascade. Apparently, it’s an artificial ruin which fooled me. Either way, this was my favourite place in the whole of Stowe Gardens, House and School. It was like peering through a window into another world.

Another peaceful area of Stowe Gardens are the yellow pavilions across the lake.

Walking to an even more remote part of the gardens, I noticed this abandoned Gothic Temple. The architecture is stunning. It also has a wonderful rust red colour suggesting it has been worn by the weather and acid rain for sometime.

As I took photos trying not to disturb the sheep roaming and pooping (lots of it, it was a minefield) around the church, I noticed a window was open. That’s odd I thought. Maybe it’s not abandoned after all… leg it! The Gothic Temple sleeps 4 apparently…

The Temple of British Worthies in the Elysian Fields, designed by William Kent, is a homage to the great thinkers and doers in British History including busts of William Shakespeare, Francis Bacon and Isaac Newton.

The day finished with the most wonderful sun setting a bright orange past the Cricket club.

Here are the rest of the photos from my walk around the landscape gardens.

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