Why Are There So Many Stray Cats in Larnaca?!

That’s weird, there’s a cat at the airport.

Oh wait, there’s another.

And another.

15 minutes since arriving at the airport I’ve seen the cats. Maybe they’re going somewhere. Katmandu? Purrsia?

As we get off the bus in central Larnaca and walk to our flat, I’ve seen another ten cats.

It’s this a cat city and humans are just living in it?

Unfortunately, Larnaca has a huge stray cat population. You’ll see bowls of cat food out in the streets as you walk and you’ll probably have a stray cat as a companion if you eat outside at a restaurant.

We went to Hala Sultan Tekke and found around 20 in a nearby building. Apparently it’s the place where people abandon cats. Quite a few were only kittens too. Many were constantly itching from all the flies surrounding them.

There is no government funding for the stray cats unfortunately. Sandy’s Place cat sanctuary has opened recently in and has taken some of cats from Hala Sultan Tekke.


I decided to give the cats I took photos of a name and introduce them to you.

Fonzie/Henry Winker – too cool for school, ladies cat.
Baby-face Killa – don’t let that cute look fool you, she’ll rip your eyes out if you cross her
Bonnie and Clyde – always on the lookout for their next (food) robbery
Fleetwood Mac – a love square
Scare D – convinced he’s going to get whacked any day now
Eyes – oversees the whole operation, nothing gets past him
Speedy – he might look lackadaisical, but believe you me, he can get out of a tight situation fast
The night crew – carrying out the hits in the dead of night
Romeo and Juliet – they shouldn’t have drank the poison