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Round Pond, Kensington Gardens,& the Albert Memorial, Hyde Park

Hyde Park is massive.

I’m probably not the first person to have thought that. I’ve walked around this beautiful park a handful of times now, but I’m still amazed when I uncover a new area. This new area could be my favourite part Hyde Park.

Geese. Geese everywhere (at least I think that’s what they are?!). I’m a sucker for wildlife and while Serpentine Lake is great for watching various birds that can swim, Round Pond is quieter, which is why prefer Round Pond to its more famous brother.

My particular favourites are the ones where they are standing on the edge like a synchronise swimming team! If I had the skills I would photoshop some yellow swim caps and googles, but I don’t unfortunately.

After taking what seemed to be a hundred photos of the geese, I ventured towards Kensington Gardens.

There was also this lovely bandstand (which has barriers preventing you going on it unfortunately) near Round Pond.

I also walked past the rather impressive Albert Memorial. While the golden statue of Albert certainly catches your eye, it was this statue to the left which I found more interesting. Europe by Patrick McDowell was restored in 2000 and fourteen years on it still has that wonderful pure white finish. Britannia, who also appears on the 50 pence piece, holds her famous trident, symbolising strength and British unity.

Finally, I saw the famous Royal Albert Concert Hall which is across the road from the Albert Memorial. And just down the road I saw this old London sign.

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