Best Things to See and Do at Hever Castle & Gardens: In Photos

Hever Castle is one of those rare places in Kent that’s perfect for a romantic date or a family day out in Kent.

Here are the best things to see and do at Hever Castle and Gardens.

The water maze

I might be 30, but that water maze is still fun. What’s a water maze? You have to navigate to the middle of the maze, but watch out, there are slabs which are spring loaded. Should you step on one, you’ll get squirted with water!

Feed the ducks

Walk past the castle and the bushes (which are shaped as Pokémon maybe?) and there’s a little hut on the left hand side. Buy a bag of duck food and feed the (many) ducks and swans!

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Walk around the lake

Hever Castle is best enjoyed when the sun in shining.

The walk around the 38 acre lake is around one hour alone.

Look how vibrant these flowers are.

There’s also this traditional Japanese tea House.

But you don’t have to walk around the lake for things to see and do.

Hire a boat

If you don’t fancy walking around in the sun for an hour, you can always hire a boat and float gently on the lake.

Visit the castle

It’s fun to go inside the tiny castle, but I think the outside is just so picturesque. You can watch the fish from the Disney style moat.

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Walk around the gardens

To be honest, I can’t think of a more relaxing way to spend an afternoon then walking slowly around the award winning gardens in the sun.

See the Tudor chess set

See some mad skills with this Tudor chess set!

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See the official Hever Castle and Garden site for tickets and more!