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10 Oldest Cinemas In London

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Regent Street Cinema

The Regent Street Cinema stands as a time capsule of cinematic history, tracing its roots back to the birth of motion pictures in 1848. This venerable establishment holds the distinction of being the oldest cinema in London, a hallowed ground that witnessed the Lumière brothers’ groundbreaking films being screened for the first time in the UK. Today, the Regent Street Cinema continues to serve as a haven for film enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of screenings and events that celebrate the art form’s rich heritage.

Prince Charles Cinema

Enter the Prince Charles Cinema, a cinematic playground that has been captivating audiences since its inception in 1962. This delightful venue on Leicester Place embraces a spirit of inclusivity, unearthing hidden gems from the annals of film history while showcasing contemporary cinematic triumphs. Whether it’s cult classics, genre-defying wonders, or beloved blockbusters, the Prince Charles Cinema curates a program that caters to the eclectic tastes of moviegoers, fostering a vibrant community of cinephiles that thrives on shared enthusiasm and collective laughter.

Phoenix Cinema

Nestled in the heart of East Finchley, the Phoenix Cinema stands as a steadfast sentinel of cinematic excellence. Since 1910, it has been a beacon for independent and foreign films, shining a light on stories that often go unnoticed in the mainstream. This cinematic stalwart’s enduring legacy lies in its commitment to championing diverse voices, nurturing a space where filmmakers and audiences converge to celebrate the beauty of thought-provoking storytelling.

Electric Cinema

Step into the Electric Cinema, a time machine that transports you to the golden era of cinema. This enchanting Notting Hill venue, dating back to 1910, exudes an aura of vintage elegance and opulence. Its sumptuous interiors, coupled with plush seating and a captivating atmosphere, elevate the movie-watching experience to new heights. The Electric Cinema’s commitment to preserving the magic of the silver screen ensures that every visit is an enchanting journey into the rich tapestry of film history.

Ritzy Cinema

In the vibrant neighborhood of Brixton, the Ritzy Cinema stands as a cultural oasis for film lovers. Since 1911, it has been a cornerstone of the community, offering an eclectic mix of independent and mainstream films. The Ritzy Cinema’s diverse programming reflects its commitment to inclusivity, presenting stories from around the globe that challenge conventions, spark conversations, and leave a lasting impact on audiences. As a hub for screenings, events, and festivals, this cherished establishment is a testament to the power of cinema to bridge gaps and foster understanding.

Curzon Soho

With a legacy stretching back to 1912, Curzon Soho remains an iconic destination for film lovers seeking an alternative cinematic experience. This Soho gem stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of arthouse and international films. Its carefully curated program showcases works of cinematic artistry, challenging audiences with thought-provoking narratives and captivating visuals. The intimate and welcoming atmosphere of Curzon Soho makes it a cherished venue for discerning cinephiles seeking refuge from the blockbuster-driven mainstream.

The Gate Picturehouse

The Gate Picturehouse in Notting Hill has been enchanting audiences since 1911 with its distinctive art deco charm. Beyond its captivating façade lies a haven for film enthusiasts seeking a touch of nostalgia and an escape from the mundane. The Gate Picturehouse’s commitment to presenting a diverse range of films, from critically acclaimed dramas to timeless classics, ensures that there is something for everyone within its hallowed walls.

Everyman Hampstead

A cinematic institution with a rich history, Everyman Hampstead beautifully combines old-world charm with contemporary comforts. This cinema, which traces its origins back to the late 19th century, invites patrons to immerse themselves in a world of storytelling. From blockbusters to independent gems, Everyman Hampstead offers a cinematic journey that transcends time, complete with plush seating, delectable snacks, and an unwavering dedication to creating a memorable movie-watching experience.

Genesis Cinema

Step into Genesis Cinema in Stepney Green, a treasure trove of cinematic delights with roots dating back to 1848. Housed in a building brimming with character, this cinema boasts a vibrant blend of mainstream releases, cult classics, and special screenings. Genesis Cinema’s eclectic programming, coupled with its commitment to community engagement, transforms it into a dynamic hub where cinephiles come together to revel in the magic of the big screen.

Odeon Leicester Square

As one of London’s most iconic movie theaters, Odeon Leicester Square holds a storied history that began in 1937. This prestigious venue has hosted countless premieres, red carpet events, and star-studded galas. With its grand auditorium and state-of-the-art facilities, Odeon Leicester Square embodies the glamour and allure of the silver screen. Its legacy as a cinematic landmark is etched in the memories of film lovers who have witnessed unforgettable moments within its hallowed halls.