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Most Durable Suitcases 2023

I’ve spent 5 hours researching the most durable suitcases on the market. Whether you’re looking for lightweight yet tough polycarbonate or heavy aluminium suitcases built to dent but not crack, I have the perfect suitcase for you.

This article contains affiliate links where I make a small amount of money if you purchase through it. Find out how we research the best products for our lists.

Samsonite Lite-Shock – Spinner S Hand Luggage, 55 cm, 36 Litre, Blue (Petrol Blue)
  • Spinner 69 (medium suitcase : suitable for a one week trip) : 47 x 29 x 69 cm – 73 L – 2.3 kg
  • Made with curv material : extremely strong, incredibly light; lightweight and shock-absorbing shell design : only 2.5 kg for Spinner 75
  • Functional, lightweight interior
  • Made in Europe
  • Single tube wheel handle with integrated ID tag; a one-slot, integrated three digit TSA combination lock for added security
LEVEL8 Suitcase Hand Luggage Lightweight 100% PC Trolley Case Micro-Diamond Textured Design, Carry on Luggage with 8 Spinner Wheels,TSA Approved Hard Shell Suitcase (55cm, 40L,Black)
  • MATERIAL — LIGHTWEIGHT carry suitcase made of 3-Layer 100% Germany BAYER polycarbonate. High-strength and durable to provides elasticity and resiliency. Micro-diamond textured design minimizes unwanted marks during checking.
  • High capacity — LEVEL8 suitcase equipped with two spacious compartments, three interior organizers to store smaller items.No need for compression straps with our fully lined compartments.The ultimate ultra lightweight luggage for all airline regulations.
  • TSA-APPROVED LOCKS–Allows your hand luggage case to be unlocked and inspected by security authorities without damage.With built-In TSA lock, you can make sure your valuables are secure and safe.
  • 360°DURABLE SPINNER WHEELS–Four multi-directional spinner wheels allow 360°upright rolling in multiple directions so there is no weight on your arm. Dimension:54×23.5x37CM(including wheels and handles)
  • VERSATILE & LIGHTWEIGHT–A carry on suitcase size that is ideal for a weeks travel or more. Easy to pack with a smart lined interior and zipped bag dividers.
LEVEL8 Aluminum Luggage Carry on Suitcase 20-Inch Hardside Spinner Luggage, Suitcase Aluminium,Hand Luggage,Double TSA Locks,Zipperless Luggage(56cm, 35.5L,Silver)
  • 【100% ALUMINUM-MAGNESIUM ALLOY HARD SHELL】Using 6-series aluminum-magnesium alloy (aviation level). Luggage surface after 1000 degrees high temperature baking. To ensure that paint is not easy to fall off,the suitcase passes the 100,000km roll test and the 1.5m drop test.
  • 【DUAL TSA-APPROVED COMBINATION LOCKS】Allows your luggage to be unlocked and inspected by security authorities without damage.With built-In TSA lock, you can make sure your valuables are secure and safe.
  • 【ULTRAL-QUIET SPINNER WHEELS】Four multidirectional spinner wheels allow 360 degree upright rolling in multiple directions so there is no weight on your arm.
  • 【LIFETIME WARRANTY】Lifetime warranty from LEVEL8 and friendly 24 hours customer service. Ensure a secure long-lasting usage everyday and weekend.
  • 【CONSIDERATE REMINDING】The suitcases are well made for international airplane travel and day trip.Fits for daily use at business travel and college,suitable for women, men and students.

July Carry On Trunk

  • Made from Crush-proof glazed German polycarbonate shell with aluminium frame
  • Ejectable battery with FastCharge USB-C
  • 2 sizes – carry-on and checked
  • Lifetime warranty
  • £395/$445

Away Carry On Aluminium Edition

  • 4 sizes – carry-on, small, medium, large
  • Made from aluminium hard shell
  • Hidden laundry bag
  • Dual TSA-approved combination locks
  • 4.8 kg
  • Lifetime warranty
  • £500/$445

FPM – Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano

The bag’s external construction boasts a predominant composition of 97% aluminum and 3% cow leather, while its interior is skillfully crafted with a blend of 85% polyester and 15% cow leather. Noteworthy features encompass a leather top handle, a rubber side handle, a retractable handle, four sturdy wheels, an appealing ribbed exterior, an incorporated TSA lock for security, two sizable butterfly locks, internal leather belts to secure contents, and a removable lining that provides extra cushioning.

Crafted with precision in Italy, the bag stands at a height of 68cm, spans a width of 45cm, and possesses a depth of 27.5cm. Weighing in at 6.6kg, it offers a spacious volume of 68L, making it capacious for storage needs. Maintenance guidance recommends using a gentle, dry cloth to preserve its pristine appearance.

  • £1,450

Tumi Aluminium

  • Made from 100% aluminium
  • 2 TSA integrated combination locks
  • Protective corner bumpers
  • 5 year warranty
  • £1,285

The Most Durable Suitcase Materials

When choosing a durable suitcase, the material it is made from plays a crucial role in determining its longevity and resistance to wear and tear. Here are some of the most durable suitcase materials:

  1. Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate is a lightweight and impact-resistant material commonly used in high-end suitcases. It offers excellent durability, flexibility, and resistance to scratches and dents. Polycarbonate suitcases are perfect for frequent travelers seeking a balance between toughness and weight.
  2. Aluminum: Aluminum suitcases are known for their exceptional strength and durability. They are highly resistant to impacts, water, and corrosion. However, aluminum suitcases tend to be heavier than other materials, which can be a consideration for some travelers.
  3. Polypropylene: Polypropylene is another robust material used in suitcase manufacturing. It offers good resistance to impacts and is relatively lightweight. Polypropylene suitcases are suitable for travelers who prioritize durability without compromising too much on weight.
  4. ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene): ABS is a popular material for affordable and durable suitcases. It provides decent impact resistance and is more budget-friendly than polycarbonate or aluminum options.
  5. Nylon: Nylon is a strong and lightweight fabric commonly used for soft-sided suitcases. It offers excellent resistance to tears and abrasion. Some high-quality ballistic nylon suitcases are even comparable in durability to hard-sided options.
  6. Cordura: Cordura is a heavyweight and abrasion-resistant fabric used in premium soft-sided suitcases. It is designed to withstand tough conditions and is favored by adventure travelers and professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Answers:

Are hard-sided suitcases more durable than soft-sided ones?

Hard-sided suitcases, made from materials like polycarbonate or aluminum, tend to offer higher durability and better protection for contents compared to soft-sided ones. However, premium soft-sided suitcases made from materials like nylon or Cordura can also be quite durable and resistant to wear.

Can I check in a suitcase made of aluminum or polycarbonate?

Yes, suitcases made of aluminum or polycarbonate are suitable for checked baggage. These materials can withstand the handling and rigors of air travel.

Are there any lightweight options among the durable suitcase materials?

Yes, polycarbonate and some polypropylene suitcases are relatively lightweight, making them popular choices for travelers who want durability without adding significant weight.

Do durable suitcases come with warranties?

Many reputable luggage brands offer warranties for their durable suitcases. Warranties may cover manufacturing defects, material issues, and sometimes even damages during travel.

Can durable suitcases withstand extreme temperatures?

Suitcases made from polycarbonate, aluminum, or polypropylene are generally designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures, making them suitable for various travel environments.

Are there any eco-friendly options for durable suitcases?

Some luggage brands offer eco-friendly suitcase options made from sustainable materials like recycled plastic or natural fibers. Look for certifications like Global Recycled Standard (GRS) or Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for eco-friendly choices.

Are hard-sided suitcases more secure than soft-sided ones?

Hard-sided suitcases may provide better security for their contents, especially when equipped with reliable locks. However, modern soft-sided suitcases often come with advanced security features like tamper-resistant zippers and built-in combination locks.

Can I repair damages to a durable suitcase?

Minor damages like scratches or scuffs on hard-sided suitcases can often be buffed out or repaired. For more extensive damages, it’s best to check the warranty or consult with the manufacturer.

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