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The Cornershop, Sew Your Soul | Lucy Sparrow

I’ve never seen so many people in a cornershop at one time, for this was no ordinary cornershop.

This unassuming and ordinary shop (from the outside) in Bethanel Green was transformed by arts and crafts legend Lucy Sparrow, aka Sew Your Soul.

Cornershop - Sew Your Soul - Lucy Sparrow

From a distance, everything looks normal. But take a closer look and your favourite products look a little… softer.

Everything you’d expect to find in a cornershop can be purchased, from fizzy drinks and chocolate to spam and Marmite!

It kind of felt like being in Mary Poppins, but instead of cartoons everything was made from felt.

I can only imagine the hours it must have taken to create all of these products (more fingers and toes than I have I’m sure). What’s even more impressive is the uniformity and attention to detail of the packaging to make them look so realistic.

Like Andy Warhol’s inclusion of Brillo boxes, Coca Cola and Campbell soup cans in his art it makes you question, can everyday consumer products become art? It certainly appears so.

If you missed it in Bethanel Green, catch it on show at the No Walls Gallery in Brighton in until 26th October! All of the items are for sale too! Check out The Cornershop blog for a behind the scenes look on the project.

Which cornershop product is your favourite? Tell me in the comments section below!

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