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The Dangerous Summer | My Top 10 Favourite Songs

The news of one of your favourite bands breaking up is never an easy thing to hear – even if it’s been a long time coming

The Dangerous Summer

The Dangerous Summer

Even though it was always just a matter of time, my face still dropped as I read the headline that The Dangerous Summer were no longer an entity. The Dangerous Summer were the first band I had an emotional connection to. Their debut album – Reach For The Sun – helped me cope through the most depressing time in my life – and looking at other fans of TDS on Tumblr I’m not the only one who feels that way.

The honest and heartfelt lyrics were perfect to describe the way I felt and also gave me motivation to do something about it. Reach For The Sun will always be one of my favourite albums I think. I’ve was lucky enough to see them play live four times in the UK, most recently last October. It’s sad to think I’ll never see them play live again and be able to sing Never Feel Alone at the top of my lungs.

And it’s sad to see the way they left things in the public eye too. The recent interview from Cody Payne about the departure of lead singer AJ Perdomo pretty much says everything about the relationship between to two longest standing members of The Dangerous Summer.

But I didn’t want this to be another sad post about their break up or to add another comment to the growing list of people calling Cody a douchebag. Rather than get bogged down in the sad finale of the band, I wanted to celebrate their work and the music which will probably stick with me forever.

Of course, I’ve been listening to their back catalogue since I heard the news. The band are still signed for one more album – some say it’s going to be a greatest hits album. With that in mind, I’ve picked my top ten favourite songs by The Dangerous Summer – it’s probably the most difficult playlist I’ll ever have to make. Some are just great tunes that I can always play if I’m stuck for something while others like Surfaced have a close emotional tie. I’ve begun intentionally with Where I Want To Be as it’s the first song I heard of theirs and finished with Never Feel Alone because it’s just a great closing track. Enjoy!

What are your top 10 favourite songs by The Dangerous Summer? Tell me in the comments section below!


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