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Fforest Coaster Review At Zip World – Is It Worth It?

I want counting, but it feels like it’s been a couple of minutes in our ascent to the top of the first. How high are we going?!

365m high to be exact. At least it’s a nice view through the forest. We can hear the screams from riders in front of us and the noise of the sledges whoosing on the rails.

We finally reach the top and push the handbrake down.

With nothing but gravity, it’s a thrilling 710m journey down to the bottom full of twists and turns.

And you can see there are brake signs on sharp turns. We followed those brake signs as it felt very fast, reaching speeds of 25mph and gradients of 25% gradient.

You get three rides and each ride takes around 6 minutes with prices starting at £22 per adult driver. A driver and child (3yrs-8yrs) starts at £33.

We (two adults in our thirties) went on one sledge which is bit of a squeeze, but I think this was more thrilling to share the experience! It probably made the ride all the more dangerous as we were very close to the max 150kg weight limit.

You can add a small video camera to the front of the sledge (you’re not really supposed to have your phone out on the ride but we saw plenty of people do this. Afterwards, you can preview the video and buy it for £8.

I would say the only negative about the experience was the queuing. When we started to queue at our allocated time. We joined the back of the queue of the group before us who were on their third run.

Overall, I’m glad we rode the coaster and would recommend it!


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Zip World Fforest, A470, Betws-y-Coed, LL24 0HX

If the Fforest coaster isn’t for you, you could try Europe’s highest five seater swing (which looked even scarier too be honest), zip lining or tree hopping.