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Hotel Room Supplies: All the Essentials That Should Be There in a Hotel Room

One of the crucial duties of the housekeeping staff includes – preparing the perfect room for their guests. If you are running a hospitality business, then the mantra is ‘make the guests comfortable. To provide the guests with a feeling of warmth and amicability, all the basic needs and essential items of the guests are to be anticipated and met accordingly.

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In order to make the guests feel comfortable and at ease, the housekeeping staff always stack the rooms with hotel room supplies, which the guests can use during their short stay at the hotel. This is done to help guests carry fewer loads and thereby making it easier for them to travel. Note that this stocking of necessities has to be done immediately as soon as a guest vacates the room and before another could check-in.  

Since different hotels have different policies, some items available in one hotel may not be found in another. Besides the available things, the list of supplies may also change based on which room the guests choose to stay in. For example, a guest may not find the same amenities in a deluxe room as he did when he chose to stay in a suite. It is the duty of the housekeeping staff to make sure that the hotel room supplies are in perfectly usable condition so that the guests can use it when they check-in.

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What Every Hotel Room Needs: A List of Hotel Room Supplies

Some of the hotel and guest room supplies are considered to be essentials. Things all hotels should have are:

  • Furniture: Of course, any room is incomplete without a furniture. Bed, chairs, bedside table, wardrobe, and dressing table are primary things that a basic room must have in a hotel room. Some rooms also provide a centre table, writing table, and a magazine holder to help serve guests better.
  • Bedding: This includes all the items necessary for a comfortable sleep, from beds, pillow covers, quilts, pillows, to bed sheets.
  • Bedside Table Devices: The bedside table has a telephone device along with a list of the intercom numbers, which include the reception number, the laundry service, and also the restaurant number.
  • Centre Table Supplies: The centre table supplies generally consist of the rate cards of the different services that you can find at the hotel. It includes the room service, health club, spa, and other services.
  • Hospitality Tray: This is a small tray, which contains all of the essentials needed to make a beverage. This includes tea, coffee, cocoa powder, milk powder, and sugar. Some hotels also offer their guests small sachets of condiments like salt, pepper etc. This tray has to be checked for refilling prior to renting the room to the guest.
  • Mini Bar Supplies: If you have opted for mini-bar facilities while checking-in, your hotel room will include a small refrigerator, which is stocked with soft drinks, soda, alcohol, and ice cubes so that you can make yourself a drink while you are staying inside your room. It also provides you with a couple of other personal servings such as cashew nuts, salted nuts, chips, and other savoury items.
  • Writing Desk Supplies: These hotel room supplies include pencil, eraser, writing pad, brochures, and a shortened list of all the historical and other places that the tourists can visit. In some hotels, travelling and daily magazines are also placed for the guests to read.

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A Look at The Hotel Room Supplies: Bathroom Edition

Bathroom Edition

Every hotel room has an attached bathroom and they are considered as guest essentials. The hotel room supplies that can be found in the bathroom include of shower attachments, bath tub, soap dispensers, towels, non-slip foot mat, mirror, slippers, dustbin, toiletries, etc. Above all, it is essential to check that these tubs and showers are in good working condition for the guest to use.

Choosing the perfect hotel room can help you enjoy a perfect hospitality. This, in turn, becomes a memorable experience of your trip. So, for a pleasant stay, rely on customer reviews before booking your hotel rooms! Well, nowadays, all kinds of hotels offer the essentials to make your stay convenient.