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When is the Best Time to Visit Mayfield Lavender Farm in London?

Having checked several lavender farm websites, the general consensus is lavender is in full bloom between mid June to August in the UK. I visited Mayfield Lavender Farm on the first of July and it looked absolutely stunning.

Red telephone box at Mayfield Lavender Farm
Close up of red telephone box at Mayfield Lavender Farm
Blue pick up truck at Mayfield Lavender Farm
Painter at Mayfield Lavender Farm
Painting at Mayfield Lavender Farm
Butterfly at Mayfield Lavender Farm
Huge old tree at Mayfield Lavender Farm

I arrived at 1.30pm and (as you can see) it was pretty busy. There were still parking spaces (which are free) luckily and there are plenty spots right next to the field. It’s not the easiest place to get to via public transport either, but if you can I’d recommend visiting first thing at 9am so your photos are people-free.

Nothing can really prepare you for how bright and vivid the purple lavender is. I did feel like I was in a dream, wrapped in a sea of purple, it’s very calming.

There’s also a shop so you can buy some lavender to take home (you’re not allowed to cut it yourself. If you do want to cut your own lavender, Hitchen Lavender Farm allows you to cut your own lavender). I recommend buying some lavender chocolates and soap too!

Where can I buy lavender in zone 1 in London?

Luckily, you don’t need to travel to the outskirts of London to buy lavender. I visited Columbia Road Flower Market which had lots of dried lavender – in February! Highly scented is not an understatement. I wish this was smell-o-vision because the lavender stall smelled like I was at Mayfield Lavender Farm! The smell lasted in my flat for a long time after too.

Dried lavender at Columbia Road Flower Market

The prices at Columbia Road Flower Market aren’t bad, if you can handle the huge, slow moving crowds! It was like being at Winter Wonderland…

Columbia Road Flower Market prices
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