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How to prepare for your first London Trip?

With plenty of amazing travel spots to visit and architectures to see (like the infamous Big Ben), London remains to be one of the popular destinations for many travellers in the United Kingdom. Last year, the city welcomed 17.4 million international visitors, a record-breaking year for their tourism.

Pink balloons London Eye Embankment

“Our status as the number one destination in the world is surely beyond any doubt, and with incredible attractions like the Rugby World Cup heading our way we look forward to welcoming many thousands more visitors to London,” said London’s Mayor Boris Johnson.

It is expected to grow further this year as travelling to London is expected to be cheaper due to the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. This is a good news for travellers looking to visit the city for the first time, as experts said ‘the pound could lag for a decade,’ making things more affordable.

If you are planning to visit London for the first time, this post will be helpful to help you make the most of your stay in this wonderful city without any stress or problems along the way.

Create a travel itinerary

While some travellers are fortunate to have months or years of vacation, most tourists only have a few days to spare to visit London. In order to maximize your stay here, you must create a well-planned travel itinerary that you must follow so you can visit more places and gain more experience even in a short trip. The rule of thumb when creating a travel itinerary is choosing the areas far from your accommodation first and keep the closer ones during the last days of your stay. Why? It’s best to have more spare and relaxing time during your final days in London rather than a hectic one. Independent Traveler said create a seamless schedule by being realistic with your itinerary with enough room for time adjustments. This will make you feel more relaxed which is the whole point of having a vacation.

Save enough money

Underground sign and Big Ben

Even though you have enough money at hand to travel, it’s wise to save more than your budget in case any problems arise. It helps to know a few tips on how you can save cash while visiting London. First, get a visitor Oyster Card that you can use several times while riding the public transport system. You’ll get it 50% less than the price of buying a single journey ticket. Oyster Card holders also get discounts and special offers on a range of food and drinks. Second, get The London Pass that gives you free access to over 60 top attractions in the city, including the London Bridge Experience and Thames River Cruise. Lastly, look out for restaurants and traditional cafes that offer affordable food or buffet option. There are pre-made sandwiches that you can purchase at supermarkets and shops as well as food trucks in London that can satisfy your taste buds and your budget.

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Be safely prepared at all times

Although you have planned out your itinerary well, it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t experience any problems during your trip to London. It’s a different territory filled with diverse culture you may be unaware of. But, a guide about the UK said that the region has an overall low crime rate and considered “a relatively safe place” for tourists. Although petty crimes are apparent, using your common sense and becoming less of risk taker should keep you trouble-free.

It might help to consider the following important phone numbers in the UK in case of any emergencies:

  1. Emergency services: (999)
  2. Non-emergency police: (101)
  3. National health service: (111)

Get a travel insurance

The best way to keep yourself safe while visiting London or any destinations abroad is by signing up for a travel insurance. Planning your trip in the UK requires knowing more than the basic and preparing for the usual things (where to go, what to do, what to bring). It’s about time that travellers understand the importance of owning an insurance plan when they travel as travelling can cost you more than $10,000 when you get hospitalised overseas. By investing in a travel coverage, you get a peace of mind in case of any subsequent losses or sticky situation happens along the way.

Preparing for your London trip should help you plan out a memorable and stress-free vacation. The main point is for you to have fun and make the most of your time off while spending it in the most wonderful city in the world.

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