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Where Can I Get A Deep Fried Mars Bar In London?

I have a confession to make. Despite living in Glasgow for 23 years, I had never tasted a deep fried mars bar.

I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve been asked since moving to London over two years ago. It really isn’t a massive part of the Scottish diet. I did wonder if it was a myth, but apparently there is some history behind it. I don’t think it’s on every fish and chip shops menu board in Scotland for example, but I’m sure if you asked nicely you would probably be able to order it.

After watching Southbank Sinfonia play at St John’s Waterloo church, I stumbled upon Fishcotheque (a fish and chip restaurant, not a disco for fish) who serve deep fried mars bars in London. I’m not a massive fan of the Mars bar either, but most things taste better deep fried, right?

Deep fried mars bar London
Let’s not mention the odd arrangement of the plate…

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The heat just turns the Mars bar into a gooey mess – in a good way. Having it on its own might be a little too much, so I was glad it came with two tasty scoops of vanilla ice cream so I could actually chew and not have the Mars bar stuck to all sides and corners of my mouth.

So the big question; is the deep fried mars bar a disgusting novelty or wrongly nice?

I have to admit, the deep fried mars bar might be one of my favourite desserts, it’s that good. That’s quite a statement for this sweet toothed foodie.

I won’t be making a habit of eating deep fried mars bars though – just think how many calories there would be in the deep fried mars bar alone never mind the vanilla ice cream!

But desserts aren’t meant to be healthy are they? That’s why they’re the best part of the course!

Now when people ask me what’s it like, I can say it’s delicious. That’s not me being biased either. I’m not the only one who likes them, someone’s written an ode to them. 

And no, deep fried mars bars do not increase the risk of stroke, heart attack or death (please stop spouting silly lies Daily Mail).

I also had a steak and kidney pie for the first time too (I know Fishcoteque is a fish and chip restaurant but I wasn’t in the mood for fish this time round).

Steak and kidney pie London

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Equally pleasing, it was about 5cm deep with tender steak and plenty of gravy. In fact, the pie was packed with filling which all came spilling out when cutting into the pie.

And then there were the classic ‘fish and chip shop’ chips that accompanied the pie too. Sit in or take away, you can admire their nautical memorabilia which decorate the walls. Fishcotheque is moderately priced too, considering it’s close proximity to Waterloo station and the IMAX cinema.

This was in 2016 and I don’t think Fishcoteque offer deep fried mars bars now unfortunately.

But I have found Scottish restaurant Mac and Wild offer a deep fried mars bar sundae, served with salted caramel ice cream and topped with bacon pieces…

Here are 4 places in London to get a deep fried Mars bar

  1. The Fryer’s Delight: A traditional fish and chip shop located in London’s West End that serves deep-fried Mars bars.
  2. The Auld Shillelagh: A traditional Irish pub located in London’s Stoke Newington neighborhood that serves deep-fried Mars bars.
  3. The Crooked Well: A British-style pub located in London’s Camberwell neighborhood that serves a range of classic British pub food, including deep-fried Mars bars.
  4. The Royal Oak: A traditional British pub located in London’s Tooting neighborhood that serves a range of pub favorites, including deep-fried Mars bars.

Do you think the deep fried mars bar is nice or disgusting? Tell me in the comments section below!

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