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Secret Cinema Review – Is It Worth The Price & What Happens?

Is Secret Cinema worth £73? What do you actually get for that? Read my reviews of Stranger Things and Casino Royale!

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Secret Cinema has announced its next theme, Guardians of the Galaxy and I’m so excited for it! *Cue montage of me dancing to Redbones’ Come And Get Your Love

Casino Royale Secret Cinema review

“Errrr… Excuse me for one second.”

I buy some time because I’ve forgotten my keyword.

I’m supposed to be undercover. But I’ve spent all my brain processing power on remembering my undercover name (Justice Bowling).

“Are you here for operation wildcard?” the secret agent asks me, trying to help me out.


Then she delivered her speech, which I of course forget every single vital detail of my mission, like the other agent I’m supposed to be meeting and where I can find them.

Previously, on Secret Cinema Casino Royale

Before my embarrassing interaction, everyone is given a role to play which dictates your dress code (and special colour to wear) for the night. My role was venture capitalist.

You then need to look for the agent holding flowers of the same special colour.

It’s super fun to get dressed up (maybe not so much in the 30 heat whilst taking the underground.

Inside Secret Cinema Casino Royale

After posing for photos in the large James Bond circle from the opening scene, we go to lock our phones before entering Casino Royale.

Yes, you’re given a pouch which is then locked. So no posing for Instagram then. It turns out its actually a good thing. You’re there to enjoy the moment (and not getting in the way of people taking photos).

The rooms and corridors are packed anyway. Continuing my mission of following a rogue agent failed as I got caught up in the crowds doing the same.

The set design is bigger and better than I could have ever imagined. Each destination feels authentic. Whether it’s the departure boards in Miami airport, the beautiful Venetian alleys and courtyard or the sweaty atmosphere of Bahamas, you lose yourself in the sights and sounds.

Food and drink at Secret Cinema Casino Royale

Each location also serves associated food and drink. I had Mac and cheese (£9.50) in Miami and a Paradise non-alcoholic cocktail in the Bahamas (£6.50).

And to end the night, we of course watched Casino Royale.

Watching Casino Royale at Secret Cinema

During the film, additional flashing lights and explosions create extra tension. There are also scenes where actors me mimic the movie.

Secret Cinema Casino Royale review

At £73 for a standard ticket, I thought it might not be worth the price. But I think the unique experience makes Secret Cinema definitely worth attending at least once. I look forward to visiting more in the future!

For more James Bond in London, read my review of Hidden London tour and Bond in Motion review where you can see the cars from the movies.

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Stranger Things Secret Cinema review

My inspiration for dressing up as a rocker? Slash, of course, which meant long hair, sunglasses, a bandana and tattoo sleeve. It also seemed to be the only type of costume available when you Google ‘rocker costume’…

It was cold so I had to wear a scarf. Very rock’n’roll indeed.

As with Secret Cinema Casino Royale, I was again stunned by world they had created inside of a derelict building. First, there was Starcourt Mall complete with arcades and Scoops Ahoy, a small recreation of the town and finally a fun fair.

But underneath the buzzing atmosphere of rockers, new romantics, punks and groovers, there’s something *pauses for effect*, strange going on. Rumor has it a student is missing in town…

So it’s down to us to investigate and uncover the town’s secrets. Seems like the clown at the fair has some information for us…

The night culminates in a half hour recap of all three series with live actors. I preferred the Casino Royale ending where we got to watch film but I suppose you can’t really do that with a tv series!

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