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10 Must See Attractions of London

There are several attractions in London that are a must visit for anyone. However, before embarking on a tour of such places, ensure that you have a London’s A-Z map guide, you can buy from some book stores. Also, if you want a more intimate experience, consider booking for accommodation in one of the London’s Boutique Hotels. The following is a list of the top ten must see attractions of London that will simply make your London experience amazing.

1. British Museum

British Museum has been the foremost institution all over the world to document human culture since 1753. Visit this London museum if you want to see a collection of vast artefacts like the archaic Egyptian artefacts and the precious British artefacts.

2. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, London, England
Buckingham Palace

This is one of the best attractions you shouldn’t miss, especially if you have never been to London. It is quite interesting to note that only 19 state rooms out of the Palace’s 775 are used by the queen for both official and entertainment purposes. Buckingham Palace is usually open to the public between August and September annually. It is worth visiting because it is rich in some of the greatest treasures including paintings, furniture, priceless pieces of porcelain and sculptures.

3. The Tower of London

It is quite impossible to resist the beauty of the tower of London given that its history is simply majestic. For instance, you can see the spot where Anne Boleyn was beheaded. Also, you can see the renowned Crown Jewels located on the Thames banks near the tower.

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4. The Merlin Entertainment London Eye

This is one of the tallest paid for London attractions that offers you with an opportunity to enjoy a spectacular view of the city. It was originally built as a temporary structure but in the recent past it has proved to be so successful. The Merlin entertainment London Eye allows you to view the city up to 40km in all directions.

5. The Southbank Centre

The Southbank Centre is the most celebrated hub in the world with diverse entertainments like exhibitions by the globally-renowned contemporary artists at the Hayward gallery. It is important to mention that it was started as the main exhibition forum for the infamous Festival of Britain.

6. St Paul’s Cathedral

St Pauls Cathedral, London, England
St Pauls Cathedral

This is a grand cathedral that has been in the city of London for the last three centuries. It is has a world famous dome that’s well worth visiting if you want to admire its architectural splendour. Basically, it’s a landmark also known for withstanding the bombardment of the Blitz.

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7. The Thames

There is no better way to enjoy the sights of London than from the Thames. It also offers you with one of the most unique boat trip experience on the London show boat. It is a must visit London attraction if you want to enjoy a four-course meal accompanied by live performances by top musicians.

8. The Royal Observatory

The royal observatory is home to the National Meridian line, it is located on the line that separates the west from the east at the 0 degrees longitude, also known as the prime meridian. You can stand on both western and eastern hemispheres by placing your feet on either side of the line.

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9. Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and Covent Garden

These places are home to innumerable global film premieres and the heart of theatre tickets that are discounted. On top of it all, you can walk to the Covent Garden, a place for street performers and buskers.

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The National Gallery, London, England
The National Gallery

The National Gallery is one of the best spots to visit on a rainy day. It houses the greatest collection of paintings in the world, especially from the Western Europe.

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