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5 Things I Learned At The Natural History Museum Lates, Aged 25 1\2

Did you know the Natural History Museum opens its doors late on the last Friday of every month?

Natural History Museum London at night
Natural History Museum London at night

Serving alcohol and dinner, it’s a grown up trip to the museum!

Here are five things I learned in my visit to the Natural History Museum!

I weigh 1576 times that of a blue whale.

Natural History Museum scales blue whale
This makes feel slightly less fat

The National History Museum have scales which you can weigh yourself on, then choose an animal to compare yourself too such as a polar bear (think I was six times that of) and a blue whale.

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Animals are almost as bad as wooing females as I am

Jumping spiders wave their robust legs at their love interest. If she disapproves, she’ll jerk her body up and down in disapproval.

This pulling technique didn’t work for me either funnily enough.

While the hunting spider offers a wrapped insect. While she is eating, he mates with her. Sometimes he cheats, only bringing the skeleton of an insect.

I haven’t tried this.

Deserts can fry eggs

In some deserts such as the Sahara, air temperatures can reach 50°c while ground surfaces can reach highs of 70°c, enough to cook an egg on! Natures hob.

Deserts can be cold too.

Ice cream doesn’t count (c’mon, spelling jokes are always funny). Apparently the Gobi desert can drop to temperatures as low as 40°c at night – chilly!

Spider webs are pretty impressive

The stuff that a spiders web is made out of is called spiders silk. Spiders silk is stronger than human bone and at least as half as strong as steel! Just remember that next time you walk into a spiders web.

Have you been to a late night event at the Natural History Museum? What did you learn? Tell me in the comments section below!

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