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4 Reasons to Visit the North East of England

It might not have the cosmopolitan appeal that London has, but make no mistake about it, the North East is fast becoming a premier tourist destination.

Tourists from abroad might be flying into the capital, but more and more are making their way up the country and finding out about more areas. Partly this is because of expense, and one only has to quickly cross-reference the hotels in Newcastle and compare them to the capital to see the huge gulf in price. However, there are other reasons, which we will now jump into through this article.

Believe it not, it has beaches

London might have a lot of things, but one thing that it is lacking are beaches. Sure, most people aren’t heading to the UK for said reason, but for those who might want a more traditional day at the seaside the North East has plenty of options.

These options are not half measures, either. For example, in 2016, no fewer than six beaches in the area won prestigious Blue Flag awards.

South Shields and Longsands are two popular ones, but in truth tourists are spoilt for choice.

It’s great for architecture enthusiasts

newcastle cathedral photo Photo by mertie. [/caption]Photo by mertie.

If we turn our attention to Newcastle, this is one city where anyone with a remote interest in architecture is going to be in their element. Forgetting the likes of Newcastle Cathedral, which is always worthy of a mention, there is also Grainger Town. Almost half of the buildings in this area of the city are listed – and this makes for some stunning photo opportunities.

The nightlife-factor

Something that this area is renowned for is its nightlife. It’s a much different alternative to London, but if you’re looking for a lively scene then Newcastle is one of the best in the country.

It’s not just about Newcastle, though. Durham is also regarded as a favourite, as is Tynemouth.

While some of these options are renowned for their student vibes, don’t let that deter you if you are planning a trip. Yes, the student scene is big in the North East, but this is a region home to some really diverse nightlife and will satisfy those who are looking for the ultimate party, or those of you who are just looking to get a quiet drink.

The home of Harry Potter

Alnwick Castle photo Photo by Matthew_Hartley [/caption]Photo by Matthew_Hartley

Let’s conclude proceedings with a mention about Harry Potter. If you travel across to Alnwick Castle, this happened to be cast as Hogwarts for the first two movies of the popular series.

But wait, there’s more. As well as being the home of Hogwarts, Alnwick Castle has also been used as a set for the Transformers movies. The beach was used as part of this filming as well, meaning that any film buffs really can get their dose through a trip to this area of the North East.

Movie references aside, this is again another example of stunning architecture of the North East, and is the home of the Duke of Northumberland.

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