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See Inside The Beautiful Margate Shell Grotto

Someone really liked shells, huh?

This must have taken them aaaaaages. Some of the shells are tiny too.

The grotto was discovered by chance in 1835. If that was me, I would have said ‘NOPE’, sealed it up for good and walked away.

It’s definitely haunted. It has this ‘culty’ aura about it. Or maybe I’ve watched too much Buzzfeed Unsolved.

I was worried about looking at my photos straightaway after taking them if I’m being honest. I was convinced I’d see a full body apparition or an orb.

In all seriousness, the shell grotto is beautiful and a work of art. I’d recommend following the guide that you are given upon entry as it has information on the different displays thorughout. It was fun staring into the shells like an optical illusion until you finally could see the pattern which matched the name on the guide.

The Margate Shell Grotto is just a ten minute walk from the Turner Contemporary and I’d say touring the Shell Grotto takes around 30 mins. People have been paying to visit since 1838 and you should too.

See the latest entry prices for Margate Shell Grotto here