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9 of the UK’s Most Beautiful Coastal Walks

Find the best coastal walk near you for pretty views and fresh air.

For some, the ideal holiday or trip involves putting your feet up, whereas others like to keep theirs firmly on the ground as they stroll along taking in all the sights the coasts of the UK has to offer.

The United Kingdom is well known for its wealth of beautiful locations, from the charming seaside towns to the dense greenery of its enchanting countryside. The following list will show you that literally from the top (Scotland) to bottom (Cornwall), the UK offers something for everyone with its variety of beautiful coastal walks.

The White Cliffs of Dover

If you’re going to compile a list of UK coastal walks, then it would be criminal not to mention the White Cliffs of Dover. As the source of inspiration for films, songs and poetry the cliffs have set in stone (pardon the pun) their place as one of the UK’s most extraordinary landmarks.

At about 4 miles in distance, the coastal walk itself isn’t very long. Many experienced hikers would consider it a mere stroll, but what it lacks in longevity it makes up for with the breathtaking views of its chalky white cliffs.

Although the cliffs are the area’s main attraction, there are also the beaches and a castle to make time for during your trip, and any nature lovers will have a field day with the abundance of wildlife roaming the area.

Glen Brittle to Rubh’ an Dùnain (Isle of Skye)

Scotland is home to some of the most beautiful sights you could wish to see on a trip. The glens, mountains and lochs create a picturesque scene that defines the natural beauty of Scotland.

The Isle of Skye has become a big draw for walking/hiking trips, and although the Cuillin mountain range is the area’s prime location to do so – the coastal walk from Glen Brittle to the peninsula of Rubh’ an Dùnain is not one to be missed.

As you navigate along the various pathways and boggy areas, you’ll be blessed with an abundance of breathtaking scenery and some of the island’s historic remains. The location is perfect because at all times you’ll have a fantastic view of the Cuillin, and at no point will you be more than 5 miles away from the sea.

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Prawle Point (Devon)

Prawle Point is one of the South West’s gems. It sits on Devon’s southern-most point and is only a few miles from the neighbouring resort town of Salcombe – although it still manages to feel remote and maintain a sense of tranquillity.

The 3-mile route can be covered in about an hour and a half at a steady pace. You will likely find yourself taking regular stops to marvel at the sights around you, as well as taking alternate routes to explore some of the hidden beaches around the point.

The history of Prawle Point is a big part about what the area so engaging, and it’s demonstrated through ancient field systems, boundary walls and the remains of old shipwrecks. The most recent being the Demetrios, which foundered in 1992.

Lochranza to Sannox (Isle of Arran)

Scotland’s Isle of Arran is home to a coastal walk that although is a longer stretch of 10 miles, can still be comfortably completed in a day trip.

Arran itself has such diverse terrain and locations that it does have something for everyone. So much so that the Island is often referred to as a miniature version of Scotland.

Some bays and beaches surround the central mountain glaciers, and if the weather does take a turn for the worse, you can take a break from the path by visiting the Heritage Museum or Arran’s whisky distillery. In the areas to the North you’ll have some brilliant views of Bute and Argyll, and on a clear day, you’ll be able to see the mountainous regions of the mainland.

St Ives to Porthcurno (Cornwall)

Cornwall is renowned for its sandy beaches and beautiful countryside, and the coastal walk from St Ives to Porthcurno is something special for anyone willing to walk those extra miles.

The 30-mile distance is covered over three days and has become a very popular attraction for keen walkers and sightseers. There is plenty of accommodation along the way, and staying at a seaside B&B adds even more magic to what is already sure to be a fantastic trip.

The stroll from the seaside town of St Ives to the bay at Porthcurno will provide you with a whole host of visual delights.

The Minack Theatre being an example, so you may want to see if there’s anything on at the time of your visit; also you’ll notice multiple derelict tin mines – a charming reminder of Cornwall’s mining history.  And of course, Lands End, which you’ll get to see a whole load of as your route will cover a fair amount of the peninsula.

The South West Coast Path

The South West Coast Path, which runs from Poole in Dorset all the way to Land’s End in Cornwall. This 630-mile trail offers stunning views of the coastline and countryside, as well as coastal walks in the Isles of Scilly.

The Northumberland Coast Path

The Northumberland Coast Path, which runs for 62 miles from the Scottish border to Amble. This picturesque path takes in dramatic cliff-lined coastline, sandy beaches and secluded coves.

The Pembrokeshire Coast Path

The Pembrokeshire Coast Path, which stretches for 186 miles around the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. This route takes in rocky headlands, sheltered coves and long sandy beaches.

The North Wales Coast Path

The North Wales Coast Path, which runs for almost 100 miles from Prestatyn to Flintshire. This picturesque path takes in dramatic cliff-lined coastline, sandy beaches and secluded coves.

The UK has so many diverse and beautiful locations, many that have become must-see tourist attractions, and others that remain as modest tucked away areas waiting to be explored.

Every coastal walk will offer something new regarding what amazing sights you’ll see, and the experiences you’ll have.

Whether you love a walking trip, you’re a wildlife and nature enthusiast or simply want something new – a coastal walk is one of the best possible ways to experience the UK’s natural beauty.

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