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Best Travel Pillows For Chin Support: Primari Review

I’m jealous of all the people pictured sleeping on the side of their travel pillow. When I sleep upright on the train plane or automobile my chin drops what feels like 1,000.

Not only does it wake me up, but it gives me neck pain. The last thing I want before starting my holiday.

Travel pillows woth chin support are few and far between. I made the mistake of buying the £65 Cabeau S3 Evolution. Don’t be fooled by the toggle, you can only tighten it so far and it still leaves a gap. There is a chin strap version of the S3, but it’s priced at over £100…

I’m going to say any U shaped travel pillow will not support your chin, it will go through the gap (like the Cabeau S3 Evolution). And turning it backwards doesn’t fully support your chin either. You need a high side to rest your chin on.

I’ve spent hours looking through the travel pillows on Amazon for the best that support your chin, here’s what I’ve found.

Primari Travel Pillow Review

After returning the Cabeau S3 Evolution, I purchased the slightly cheaper Primari travel pillow. The Amazon reviews specifically mentioned it supported their chin which gave me some confidence.

It’s definitely better than a U shaped travel pillow because there is a lack of a gap. The ends overlap and stay in place using velcro which is super secure. If you tighten it too much however, it does press against my Adams apple.

I find overlapping the ends slightly unevenly keeps my chin up better so the travel pillow rests against my chin and chest for extra stability. The pillow itself is just the right amount of firmness too for comfort and support.

One problem I experienced with the Cabeau was the sides being very high and uncomfortable. The Amazon reviews did suggest people with short necks may find this travel pillow uncomfortable with some suggesting it went as far as pushing up their ears.

The sides on the Primari are lower and have been designed for use with overear headphones. The back features a flatter side meaning you your head doesn’t tilt forward against the headrest.

And it seems like all travel pillows are a little bulky and the Primari is no different. You do get a little draw string bag and a carbineer to hook on the outside of your bag if you don’t have space to fit inside.

I’m super happy with my purchase and can recommend it for anyone who wants to buy a travel pillow with chin support.

Other travel pillows I looked at are the Bcozzy and the Ostrich travel pillow which are in a simar style as the Primari.

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